Fridays Furry Friend

Friday 27th October 2017 – Fonz

Fonz Dachshund


Friday 6th October 2017Rolo

Rolo Dachshund

Friday 22nd September 2017Benjamin & Juno

Juno & Benjamin

Friday 23rd June 2017Huxley

Huxley Hound

Friday 16th June 2017William

William Dachshund

Friday 9th June 2017Beryl

Beryl Dachshund

Friday 2nd June 2017Archie

Archie Jack Russell

Friday 26th May 2017Basil & Jester

Basil & Jester Dachshunds

Friday 19th May 2017Albert

Albert Dachshund

Friday 12th May 2017Gimli


Gimli SpanielFriday 5th May 2017Atticus

Atticus Dachshund

Friday 28th April 2017Ollie

Ollie Shihtzu

Friday 21st April 2017Denzel & Daisy

Daisy & Denzel

Friday 30th March 2017Zoe

Zoe Dachshund

Friday 24th March 2017Molly

Molly Dachshund

Friday 17th March 2017Lightning


Friday 10th March 2017Merry

Merry Dachshund

Friday 3rd March 2017Bruno

Bruno Dachshund

Friday 24th February 2017Sernade



Friday 17th February 2017Lacey

Lacey Lullibell

Friday 10th February 2017Hylda Jane

Hylda Jane

Friday 3rd February 2017Oscar & Rose

Oscar & Rose

Friday 27th January 2017Geordie


Friday 20th January 2017Maisie


Friday 13th January 2017Stanley

Stanley Dachshund

Friday 6th January 2017 – Archie


Friday 23rd December 2016Festive Fridays Furry Friend


Friday 16th December 2016Hamish

Hamish Dachshund

Friday 2nd December 2016Bunny

Bunny Dachshund

Friday 25th November 2016Brian & Friends

Brian Alpaca

Friday 18th November 2016Honey

Honey Dachshund

Friday 11th November 2016Collins & Cash

Cash & Collins

Friday 4th November 2016Beau & Jed


Friday 28th October 2016 Spooooky Edition! 

Fridays Furry Friend Halloween

Friday 21st October 2016Mabel

Mabel Dachshund

Friday 14th October 2016Teddington

Teddington Dachshund

Friday 7th October 2016 – Toby

Toby Sausage Dog

Friday 30th September 2016Daisy

Daisy Dachshund

Friday 23rd September 2016Heidi & Basil

Jeffrey the Dachshund

Friday 16th September 2016Mash


Friday 9th September 2016William & Jasper

William & Jasper Dachshund

Friday 2nd September 2016Wilson

Wilson Dachshund

Friday 26th August 2016Ollie

Ollie Dachshund

Friday 19th August 2016Alfie & Dottie

Alfie & Dottie

Friday 12th August 2016Belvedere

Belvedere Dachsund

Friday 5th August 2016Bella

Bella Dachshund

Friday 29th July 2016 – Ozzy

Ozzy Dachshund

Friday 22nd July 2016Max

Max Dachshund

Friday 15th July 2016Finn & Timm

Timm & Finn

Friday 17th June 2016Henry


Friday 10th June 2016Reggie

Reggie Dachshund

Friday 3rd June 2016Dave


Friday 27th May 2016Frankie


Friday 20th May 2016Crumb

Crumb Dachshund

Friday 13th May 2016Hugo

Hugo Dachshund

Friday 6th May 2016Nelly

Nelly Dachshund

Friday 29th April 2016Lottie

Lottie Dachshund

Friday 22nd April 2016Ginny & Ruby

Ginny & Ruby

Friday 15th April 2016Keswick


Friday 8th April 2016Florrie


Friday 1st April 2016Linda

Linda Dachshund

Friday 25th March 2016Easter Special

Fridays Furry Friend Easter

Friday 18th March 2016Charlie

Charlie Dachshund

Friday 11th March 2016Peggy


Friday 4th March 2016Christmas

Christmas the Dachshund

Friday 26th February 2016Beau & Jed

Beau & Jed

Friday 19th February 2016Grace


Friday 12th February 2016Oakley


Friday 5th February 2016Josh, Summer & Alice

Josh Dachshund

Friday 29th January 2016Fred Weasley

Fred Dachshund

Friday 22nd January 2016Maisie & Charlie

Maisie & Charlie

Friday 15th January 2016Birkin

Birkin Cat

Friday 8th January 2016Wolfie & Fred

Wolfie & Fred

Friday 18th December 2015Edie


Friday 11th December 2015Oscar


December 4th December 2015Chester & Daisy

Chester & Daisy

Friday 27th November 2015Otto & James

Dachshund & Baby

Friday 20th November 2015Bert


Friday 13th November 2015Bette


Friday 6th November 2015Digby

Digby Dachshund

Friday 30th October 2015Halloween Collection


Friday 23rd October 2015Nelly & Tim

Nelly & Tim

Friday 16th October 2015Izzie


Friday 2nd October 2015Finn

FInn Dachshund

Friday 25th September 2015Dave

Dave Scottie Dog

Friday 18th September – Fuzzy


Friday 11th September 2015Holly


Friday 4th September 2015Zoukie & Lottie Part 2

Zoukie & Lottie

Friday 28th August 2015Cookie


Friday 21st August 2015Beau & Jed 

Beau & Jed

Friday 14th August 2015Berry


Friday 7th August 2015Lenny

Lenny Dachshund

Friday 31st July 2015Masie


Friday 24th July 2015Zoukie & Lottie

Zoukie & Lottie

Friday 17th July 2015Frankie

Frankie Dachshund

Friday 10th July 2015Mash

Mash Sausage Dog

Friday 3rd July 2015Izzie

Izzie Dachshund

Friday 26th June 2015Charlie

Charlie Dachshund

Friday 19th June 2015 – Ava

Ava Dachshund

Friday 12th June 2015Gertie

Gertie Dachshund

Friday 29th May 2015Edith

Edith Dachshund

Friday 22nd May 2015Phoebe

Phoebe Dachshund

Friday 15th May 2015Doodles

Doodles Dachshund

Friday 8th May 2015Bertie

Bertie & the bluebells

Friday 1st May 2015Polly


Friday 17th April 2015Phoebe

Phoebe Dachshund

Friday 10th AprilGertie


Friday 3rd AprilEaster Edition 


Friday 27th March – Bonnie

Fridays Furry Friend - Bonnie

Friday 20th MarchWalter

Walter Dachshund

Friday 6th MarchMyrtle

Myrtle Dachshund

Friday 27th FebruaryJeff

Jeff Dachshund

Friday 20th FebruaryAlfie


Friday 13th FebruaryValentines Edition

Fridays Furry Friend-Valentines

Friday 6th February 2015Fonz

Fonz Dachshund

Friday 9th January 2015Reg & Minnie Reg & Minnie Friday 2nd January 2015 – New Years  Fridays Furry Friend-New Years Friday 19th December 2014Christmas Collection Christmas Collection   Friday 12th December 2014Frodo & Fuzzy DSC_4715 Friday 5th December 2014Charlie Brown Charlie Brown Friday 28th November 2014William & Edward William & Edward Friday 21st November 2014Maybel Maybel Friday 7th October 2014Otto Otto Dachshund Friday 31st October 2014Halloween Collection Sausage Tails Halloween Friday 24th October 2014Herbie & Fritz Herbie & Fritz Friday 17th October 2014Gabi & Angus Gabi & Angus Friday 10th October 2014Greta Greta Dachshund Friday 3rd October 2014Dudley Dudley Dachshund Friday 26th September 2014Winston Winston Dachshund Friday 19th September 2014Bridie Bridie Dachshund Friday 12th September 2014Colin Colin Dachshund Friday 5th September 2014Digby Dibgy Dachshund Friday 29th August 2014Millie photo-345 Friday 22nd August 2014Ben Dachshund Ben   Friday 15th August 2014Zak Zak Dachshund Friday 8th August 2014Morgan Morgan Dachshund Friday 1st August 2014Mash Mash Dachshund Friday 25th July 2014Herbert Herbert Dachshund Friday 4th July 2014Oakley & Chester Oakley & Chester Friday 27th June 2014Oscar 10487714_10152996325773146_265156086_n Friday 20th June 2014Dashiell Dashiell Dachshund Friday 13th June 2014Ripley Ripley Dachshund Friday 6th June 2014Edie Edith Dachshund Friday 23rd May 2014Betty Betty Sausage Dog Friday 16th May 2014Peanut Peanut Dachshund Friday 9th May 2014Ted Ted Friday 2nd May 2014Mina & Lottie Lottie & Mina Friday 25th April 2014Tommy & Teddy Tommy & Teddy Friday 18th April 2014 (Easter Theme)Lottie Easter Sausage Dog Friday 11th April 2014Bender Bender Friday 4th April 2104Eddie Eddie Dachshund Friday 28th March 2014Huxley & Rolo Huxley & Rolo Friday 21st March 2014Alfie Alfie Dachshund Friday 14th March 2014Barbabella Barbabella Dachshund Friday 7th March 2014Dexter Dexter Dachshund Friday 28th February 2014Tommy Tommy Dachshund Friday 21st February 2014Peanut & Mojo Chillin Friday 14th February 2104Valentines Collection valentines-montage Friday 7th February 2014Oscar Oscar Dachshund Friday 31st January 2014 (Best Friend Theme)Winston Winston & Sawyer Friday 24th January 2014Penny Penny Dachshund   Friday 17th January 2104 (Dress Up Theme) – Wolfgang Wolfgang Dachshund Friday 10th January 2014 – Kevin Kevin Dachshund Friday 3rd January 2014 (New Years Theme)Geoffrey Geoffrey Dachshund Friday 27th December 2013Post-Christmas Collection Fridays Furry Friend Group Friday 20th December 2103Christmas Collection Christmas Dachshunds Friday 13th December 2013Mr Darcy Mr Darcy Dachshund Friday 6th December 2013 – Charlie Dachshund Armchair Friday 29th November 2013 – Roxy Roxy Dachshund Friday 22nd November 2013 – Rafferty Rafferty Friday 15th November 2013 – Molly Molly Fridays Furry Friend Friday 8th November 2013 (Double Whammy ‘get well’) – Lottie & Archie Dachshunds Friday 1st November 2013 (Halloween Theme) – Fonz Dachshund Glasses


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