Fridays Furry Friend

So how was your week? Ours has been pretty standard, we’ve enjoyed our morning walks chasing squirrels, the evenings have been lighter so we’ve gotten a nice field walk in and I christened Dad’s new decking in the ‘number 2′ way, if you know what I mean… Well when a sausage has gotta go he’s gotta go!!

Todays Fridays Furry Friend is a good ol’ wire dachshund called Keswick, what a cool name! He looks like a friendly wirey chap, like myself, and also sounds like he’s a proper hunter like Alan & I! Another thing we have in common is that he too was a wedding present, my choccie brother Alan wasn’t so much a wedding present but he joined our family a day or so after Mum & Dad’s wedding (also in 2014) What a coincidence!

Hi Jeffrey,
I’m Keswick a miniature wire haired Dachshund and I was 2 last month. Here I am on one of my country walks with my mama and dad. I was given to my mama for her wedding present in July 2014 from my dad. That makes me pretty special don’t you think?
My grandma often sends me pictures of you and Alan which is great because I like to know what you sausages are getting up to. It seems you’re pretty much like me, handsome, lovable and enjoy chasing squirrels and birds.
Have a great furry Friday and a fun weekend with lots of cuddles and country walks!
Love Keswick and my Grandma (Carol) xx



Dach’s all for now – I better get scrubbing that decking this weekend!!

Jeffrey x

Don’t forget, if you too would like to be my Fridays Furry Friend, email a photo and a bit about yourself to

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  • Finn
    April 15, 2016

    What a wonderful name! Keswick is a fine looking wire haired sausage – just like you Jeffrey. But he has those cute Alanish eyes.
    Hope you both have a super weekend and I hope that Alan gets a chance to christen the decking as well.

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