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It’s the end of the week – hurrah! It’s been the coldest week EVER, poor little Alan has had the shivers every time we step outside the front door! But that hasn’t stopped us and we’ve been out in the mornings all wrapped up, showing those squirrels what for! We’ll be spending this weekend packing our suitcase as we’re moving into Nanny & Grandad’s for 10 days as they are off on their holidays. Alan is very excited as it means he gets to wrestle with Rodney 24-7, he’s easily pleased!

This weeks Furry Friends are Maisie & Charlie, apparently their smooth sausage sister was too busy for the photo opportunity as she was off chasing squirrels, we like her style! You may have seen our sausagey friends on here before, they are a cute little trio of every dachshund coat type (if Amber had graced us with her presence 😉 ) and enjoy their walkies but it seems they too have felt the chill this week and have donned their Equafleeces, we’re loving the bright colours guys! And we hope you’re feeling more yourself soon Maisie x

Hi Jeffrey
Here are Charlie and Maisie modelling their Equafleeces this week. Maisie is feeling a bit under the weather this evening so hopefully being your Friday Friend will cheer her up! Amber was off chasing squirrels so isn’t in the photo. We’re glad that the weather is warming up again! Amber, Maisie and Charlie xxx

Maisie & Charlie

Maisie & Charlie

Dach’s all for now – keep warm!

Jeffrey x

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  • Finn
    January 22, 2016

    I hope Maisie feels better soon.

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