Harvey lives with Nanny & Grandad, he is half Miniature Schnauzer and half squirrel = Schnirrel, I think this is due to his fondness of climbing Nanny’s hazel tree and picking and crunching the nuts (I think he has some sort of rigging equipment that he hides from Nanny but I can’t be sure). Here he is looking as handsome as ever:

Harvey I would say is my best friend, he always keeps me entertained when I stay at Nanny & Grandad’s and he’s especially good for snuggling up to on a cold night.

Harvey & Jeffrey


Now Hattie is Harvey’s sister, I would say she is the toughest bitch I know. I like walking close to her when we’re out on a walk as she makes me feel safe. She obviously works out as she seems quite stocky but she does have quite a rotund body and makes a funny kind of snorting sound when she gets over-excited, maybe this is why everyone calls her Pig?!


Rodney is Nanny & Grandad’s latest addition, he is a wirey sausage dog like me however he a twice as big as me! My Mum call’s him a Beast, Nanny his baby and my Grandad a nuisance! But he’s very loveable and handsome dude and I just love to wrestle with him!

Rodney Dachshund



Now Alan is the latest addition to my family and is the cutest little baby brother! Mum & Dad collected him just a few days after their wedding and I have so far enjoyed playing with him and showing him the ways of the sausage world!

Alan Dachshund


The Boys

I live with Snitch & Sylvie so I suppose they are technically my brothers! Sylvie is a big ol’ softy and to be honest we didn’t get along when I first arrived at my new home, I think Sylvie was a bit jealous as he had been the one getting all the attention, but we get on really well now and even enjoy the occasional snuggle on the sofa. (I spose we are family!)

Snitch is more of a live wire, that’s why I like to chase him! Daddy does tell me off for this but I cross my paws that he starts it (most of the time…) We are the one’s who like to keep fit so we do a few laps round the garden chasing each other every day but he does get a bit carried away sometimes and bops me on the head – no claws though but I suppose all siblings wrestle?! I think he likes to keep trim as he is the ‘pretty’ one!


  • Emma (@wireysausagedog)
    October 21, 2012

    How funny, I have a little dachy pup just like Jeff… And our cats are the same aswell!! Shame you’re not on twitter. I am @wireysausagedog.. I’ll post a pic of the cats to show you!

    • sausagetails
      October 21, 2012

      Hi Emma,

      Just had a look at your photos, Mum has asked if you are in an alternative universe to us?! The similarities are weird! Do you want to email the photos to sausagetails@live.com and I can show everyone else!

      Love Jeffrey x

  • Emma (@wireysausagedog)
    October 23, 2012

    Hi Jeff, I’ve sent them but they were all sent back with ‘message failure’ to that address..?! X

    • sausagetails
      October 23, 2012

      Hi Emma!
      That’s strange as that mailbox has enough room, are your photos quite big? Maybe try sending them on individual emails?x

  • Emma (@wireysausagedog)
    October 23, 2012

    I’ve sent them again… I agree with your mum and think we are on a parallel universe, as I wear Dachy scarves, buy Dachy cushions and let her lick my frothy milk from the coffee aswell!! X

  • Danielle
    December 10, 2012

    I have a miniture dachshund called chip… Short for chipolata of course!

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