Fridays Furry Friend

Happy Friday everyone! What a lovely short week it’s been, starting off with Bank Holiday Monday, I wish all weeks started like this! I’m not sure about where you are but it seems like Winter has returned these past few days, it’s been positively baltic!!!! Rainy, cold & grey – we have not seen the sun since last weekend and I have to saying, I’m definitely missing it!!

Todays Furry Friend is Dave Doodle who has graced the Sausage Tails pages before, and he is one dapper dude! However let’s take a moment to realise that Dave has been through a bit of a tough time, not only has he had to have a haircut but he’s been put on a diet – I feel your pain Dave! I just tell my Mum it’s all hair, of course it is…

Hi guys
Its me again Dave Doodle before and after my hair cut. I thought I looked good until my hairdresser told my Mom I am fat! Next thing I had a visit to the weight clinic where I had to be weighed and measured. Guess what? My chest and waist were the same size so Mom said I was turning into a sausage dog instead of a scottie! I am now on a strict diet and have to go back every two weeks to be weighed. Tell all your friends to be careful with the weight as its no fun on a diet.




Dach’s all for now – let’s hope the sun makes a reappearance soon!

Jeffrey x

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  • Finn
    June 3, 2016

    Dave Doodle is very debonair. I’m also on a diet so I feel his pain as well. I heard Mum ringing the vet this morning and asking if she could pop in on Monday to get me weighed. Well that’s spoilt my weekend!
    Hope the sun reappears soon so that you two can catch up on your tanning. It’s been lovely here (Gloucestershire) today so fingers crossed for you.

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