Fridays Furry Friend

It’s ok everyone, Friday is finally here which means we can start the weekend! We celebrated the Queen’s 90th Birthday yesterday, what a milestone! We are very lucky to have such a lovely Royal family here in the UK, it makes us all feel very patriotic! Did you know, the Royals have always had dachshunds in their family and the Queen was even photographed recently with her 2 Corgi’s and 2 Dorgi’s (dachshund cross’s) I must say, she has very good taste in dogs! We even donned our Union Jack bandana’s to join in with the festivities!

Dog Union Jack Bandana

This weeks Furry Friend has come from Scotland, somewhere we would love to visit, I’ve always wanted to try haggis, neeps & tatties and my Dad does have a soft spot for shortbread! Mum is loving Ruby, she says her bedhead beard gives mine a run for my money!

Hi there
This is Ginny (on the left) and Ruby. My wee darlings from Edinburgh!
Have a good Friday.

Ginny & Ruby

Ginny & Ruby

Dach’s all for now – Happy Birthday Queenie, sorry, I mean Your Majesty!

Jeffrey x

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  • Corinne Ward Blower
    April 22, 2016

    And what is more, my Mum had the Mother of the Queen Mother’s dog, that did the dirty deed to start off the Windsor Dorgy line. Perhaps we should be going “By Royal Appointment”

  • Finn
    April 23, 2016

    I’ve fallen in love with the girls, Ginny and Ruby. They’re proper Little Misses – Little Miss Neat and Tidy and Little Miss Messy!
    I thought both you and Alan did the Queen proud in your bandanas. Patriotic and cute.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend..

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