Fridays Furry Friend

This week has been a nice short, sweet week as we had a Bank Holiday last weekend so it feels like this weekend has flown round! Alan & I have greeted a steady stream of our friends back to the park now that the kids have gone back to school and the mum’s are walking their dogs in the morning again. It’s been a lonely few weeks and we love having our friends back to run around with, well I say run around with, Alan does, I just watch from the sidelines so I don’t use up too much energy…

You may remember back in July a pair of very cute Fridays Furry Friends, Zoukie & Lottie, first post HERE. Well these pups have now joined their forever home and it sounds like they have been settling in well from the update they have sent me…

Hello Jeffrey and Alan,
Just a quick message to say first of all a big thank you for sharing our first picture taken from the breeder’s home, it was a nice surprise for my mum!
Zoukie is the dark one and Lottie the light one. We are now in our home and we love it. We are 18 weeks old now and we have settled nicely. Like you Jeffrey, we like surfing the sofa, we have 2 nice baskets but we prefer the cushions on the sofa! Our parents don’t mind! Just wanted to introduce you to our Cousin Athena, she likes her toys very much and she was showing us her new hair style! We haven’t been to the groomer yet…
We are not very good at walking on a lead but our parents are working on it!
Hope that’s enough info for now and no doubt will write to you again… Might even join you in one of your walk when we are better on a lead!
Thank you!

Zoukie & Lottie



Zoukie & Lottie


Dach’s all for now – have a squirrel-chasing-filled weekend!

Jeffrey x

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