Fridays Furry Friend

It’s Friday, finally!!!!! It’s been a long week and even though the sun has been peeking through the clouds these past few days, it’s still pretty chilly round our way! We’ve been soaking up the Spring vibe on our sunny morning walks, Alan chasing the squirrels, me munching on the daffodils, which according to Mum is bad, I said it’s one of my 5 a day!

This weeks Furry Friend is Charlie who is joining us from overseas, Oregon in the USA to be precise. I asked my Mum if that’s what she puts on her spaghetti bolognese but she thats oregano, easy mistake to make… Charlie looks like a bundle of wire trouble and it sounds like he and his brother Max have a lot of fun, just like Alan & I!

Hi Jeffrey,
My name is Charlie and I live with my mom, dad, and big brother Max (a very hairy Tibetan Terrier). We live in Oregon which is in the Northwest of the US. It rains a lot here just like it does where you live.
I’m an eight month old “piebald wirehaired dachshund”. Isn’t that a funny name? I’m certainly not bald and I don’t think I’ve ever had pie, although I’ve been told that pumpkin is quite tasty.
We always enjoy your pictures and tales. Thanks for sharing.


Charlie Dachshund

Dach’s all for now – I hope there’s a spring in your step this weekend!

Jeffrey x

Don’t forget, if you too would like to be my Fridays Furry Friend, email a photo and a bit about yourself to

  • Finn
    March 18, 2016

    Hi Chaps
    Charlie is a real cutie! I love his colouring. Dappley.
    We’ve had lovely weather this week (apart from today which was freeeeeezing). I’ve been on some lovely walks and then spent the afternoons crashed out on the windowsill in the sun-my favourite spot. Toasty!
    I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

  • Jean
    March 18, 2016

    Charlie, you could come and live here with us any time, you are just so gorgeous! Our mummy has a friend who used to live in Ohio but she and her family (hubby, three dogs, two cats) moved to Arizona. Didn’t like the weather but we’d rather be here in lovely green Scotland than in the hot desert. Hope to see you again.
    Solo, Saffron, Shani, Bette, Lily and Peaches

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