Fridays Furry Friend

Happy Friday! How has your week been? It’s been a lovely short week, by the time Mum had gone back to work after the long Bank Holiday weekend, we celebrated Alan’s birthday on Wednesday, it’s time for the weekend already!

If you missed it earlier on in the week, it was Alan’s 3rd birthday, can you believe he’s 3 already!!!  We threw on our party hats & partied with Rodney & Harvey with a birthday cake made by my very own fair paw, if you missed it, never fear as you can catch up HERE!

Alan Dachshund

This weeks Fridays Furry Friend is double wirey trouble in the form on Atticus and his brother-from-another-mother Keswick! Mum just loves their names, they sound like such distinguished gentleman she says but I just love the fact they get up to all sorts of mischief!

Hi Jeffrey and Alan

I’m Atticus a wire haired Dachshund, just like you Jeffery, except I’m a smaller guy. I thought you and your fans would like to see how we like to scare our mum and dad. I’m so good I can even scare them whilst I’m sleeping, whereas my older brother Keswick (from another mother, just like you and Alan) burrows his way to the top of the composter and poses as a Dalek. Keswick is really clever, I haven’t worked out how to get on top of the composter as you can see, and mum says I probably never will, but I know I’m paws ahead on the scary face thing.

Have a great squirrel chasing weekend!
Keswick and Atticus

AtticusAtticus Dachshund

Atticus Dachshund

Dach’s all for now – keep getting into trouble sausages!

Jeffrey x


Don’t forget, if you too would like to be my Fridays Furry Friend, email a photo and a bit about yourself to

  • Barbara Takacs
    May 6, 2017

    Wonderful Friday post today Jeffrey and Alan! Happy Belated 3rd Birthday to Alan. Just love sweet Atticus and his toothy grin and naughty brother Keswick.
    You all have brightened up our wet and dreary day here in Peterborough, Ontario Canada. We have had a cool, damp, rainy Spring here.
    We lost our precious min-wire hair dachshund Frankie 8 years ago. Your posts always bring a smile. xo

  • Charlotta
    May 6, 2017

    Aww how sweet! And not scary at all;-)! I have been looking at the smart harnesses you and Alan have. I would like something similar for my older guy Örjan ( medieval swedish for George)who has been suffering from a bad neck and cannot have a collar anymore. Those harnesses you have seems very soft and smart. Where can I find one?

  • Finn
    May 6, 2017

    Alan is a cutie. Being three suits him! Does he practise looking so adorable for photos?
    We also love the names of this week’s FFF. Atticus looks as if he’s a very strong chap and is about to push the Dalek over. Perhaps he thinks he’s Dr Who!
    Hope you have a super weekend.

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