Fridays Furry Friend

To launch my regular Fridays Furry Friends feature I asked you to send in your Halloween photos and so you did! I’ve had some real crackers but as per the rules of Fridays Furry Friends, only one can be a favourite of the week.  And that is…


Here’s Fonz sporting his Harry Potter costume for Halloween, one of mine and Mum’s favourite films! 

Dachshund Glasses

And just to make you chuckle at the end of a long week, here’s the email I got from Fonz, he cracks me up, he’s such a comedian!

Dear Jeffers,

Just borrowing mums email account to send you this picture of me dressed as Harry Potter. I’m not keen on dressing up or having my photo taken but I didn’t want to let you down on your first new blog and add to that, that my mum is a raving nutcase who loves to persecute me in the name of laughs! 

She wanted me to dress as Isabella Blow, with some elaborate couture headwear of hers but I felt it was too avante garde for the occasion.  

Age: 8 3/4
Dressed as Harry Potter (only ‘cos I was promised a treat!)
Happy Halloween Jeffers and hope you’re not too bothered by all the fireworks that will be happening this weekend.
Peace out!
However, the other Halloween photo’s that were emailed to me were also very good so I thought as this was our first Fridays Furry Friends and it’s Halloween, I would share them with you.
Chopper & Grifter
Dog Pumpkin
Dachshund Halloween
Halloween Sausage Dog
Dachshund Pumpkin
Sausage Dog Pumkin
Dach’s all for now – keep your photo’s coming!
Jeffrey x
  • Fonz
    November 1, 2013

    OMG! I won! Mum’s excited, I’m embarrassed! Good pics from everyone else, loving all the pumpkins. Well done everyone and well done for arranging Jeffers – happy Halloween all x

    • sausagetails
      November 2, 2013

      Don’t be embarrassed, you looked spiffing! 😉 And Mum & I love Harry Potter, I wish I had a wand like his…

  • Chopper & Grifter
    November 2, 2013

    Well done Fonz!!!
    All the others look great too!
    Mash is very cute!
    Looking forward to next Friday xx

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