Fridays Furry Friend

Well we’re back from a weeks break at Nanny & Grandad’s whilst Mum & Dad lived it up in Boston & New York for a week – lucky them! Dad surprised Mum a few weeks ago by informing her that her birthday treat this year, as she’s turning the big 3-0, was a trip to the big ol’ U S of A! They had an amazing time visiting family and also being surprised by seeing their American buddies that they met on honeymoon, Mum is one lucky girl! We missed them a lot but it was all ok as Grandad gave us the good treats, Nanny had lots of cuddles to give and Rodney amused Alan for me – perfect! 

This weeks Furry Friend has appeared on these pages before but I just couldn’t resist sharing Gertie in her sailors uniform, how cute?! Gertie found me via our friends Jules & Peter who are owned by sausage dogs Dottie, Daisy & Billy Whizz, who live just up the road from us, it’s a small world!

Hi Jeffrey,
I thought I would cruise up the river in the hope of meeting you and Alan in person but I understand your Mum is enjoying a special birthday treat in New York, WOW.
I believe we have some mutual friends Dottie, Daisy and my half brother Billy not to mention Auntie Jules and Uncle Peter. I arrived to cheer up my Mum & Dad after they lost their beautiful girl Dulcie at the age of sixteen, as you can imagine I am doing my best.
Hope to see you on my next river trip.
Love to both you and Alan.


Gertie Dachshund

Dach’s all for now – ship ahoy!

Jeffrey x

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