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It’s finally Friday!!!!!! After our busy weekend last week, it’s been quieter here the last few days, time to catch up on some sleep! Alan’s squirrel catching skills are coming along nicely, he’s getting faster everyday and I don’t think it’ll be long before he catches up with those pesky critters!! We’ve enjoyed these cosy evenings cuddling up with Mum on the sofa whilst watching I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! I decided I’d be pretty good if I was stranded in the jungle with the celebs, I’d get those furry and scaley creatures and I know I’d be good in the eating trials. Fact. So I’m thinking I might suggest to ITV that they do a dog version next year, what do you think?

This weeks Furry Friend is a rather special one from my pal Otto. His family have greeted a new addition into their clan and I asked him what it’s like to have a non-furry brother in the house. So a big thank you to Otto for sending me this email and the lovely photos of him and his very cute brother James, enjoy…

Otto & James

Dear Jeffrey and Alan,
Mum wanted to nominate me as a Friday’s Furry Friend as she says that I have been a Very Good Boy lately.

Otto Dachshund

It all started a long time ago…back in January when mum told me that I was going to be a Big Brother. At first I was quite excited until I realised that this was a HUBABY and I would have to share mum and dad’s attention for tummy rubs!

Otto Dachshund

Then, in September mum disappeared to the hospital one morning so the human sausage fingers could take some blood from her (apparently with a big needle, not teeth). She was gone a long time and dad came home later and said that the Hubaby was coming TOMORROW! This made me grumpy as I had been looking forward to some nice time off with mum when she stopped work, though she was a bit boring as she couldn’t bend down to give me treats anymore. On the plus side, I got to go and stay with my friends Winston and Churchill and their mum Emilie (=treat lady). Don’t we all look handsome?

Dachshund Walker

My little brother James was born the next day but mum was very, very sick and had to stay in hospital for ten whole days. That’s a lot of belly rubs she owes me! Dad was very worried and sad but I looked after him by giving him lots of night time snuggles and licking his ears – mum said this was a very helpful thing to do. I did miss mum but it was quite nice having dad all to myself!
Then, the doctors said that mum was getting better and they brought my brother home. Mum says he is like a tiny, angry drunk person and laughs at him when he pulls funny faces (she says I’m not allowed to lick his face L ). He does make a lot of noise but I’ve been teaching him all about sausages and made sure he has appropriate accessories (thanks to Digby and Basil’s mum Emma for helping me with the bibs).

Dachshund Babygrow

Dachshund Baby Bib

I was a bit sceptical of him at first, but mum says that this blurry photo proves we’re going to be best friends…

Dachshund & Baby

Love (and manly paw-bump!) Otto x


Dach’s all for now – I bet this post makes you broody!

Jeffrey x


Don’t forget, if you too would like to be my Fridays Furry Friend, email a photo and a bit about yourself to

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  • Finn
    November 27, 2015

    Hi Chaps,
    What a super FFF this week. Mum’s gone all strange and soppy after reading it to me. I think Otto is doing a super job as a new big bro and James is obviously a super little bro. I wish them both a long and happy partnership.
    Hope you both have a super weekend.

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