Fridays Furry Friend

Happy Friday! We’re back at home after staying at Nanny & Grandad’s for a week whilst they were away. It’d be a lie to say we didn’t get up to a little bit of mischief, barking at passers-by at the front door, shredding some junk mail and lounging on the sofa however we most certainly DID NOT listen to music loudly whilst dancing on the kitchen table & eating lots of Bonios, dig holes in the lawn and sleep under Nanny’s duvet most of Sunday morning, ok, maybe we did a little bit…

Sausage Tails

This weeks Furry Friend is Toby! He’s a fellow wirey wiener, Mum even calls him my ‘mini me’ as Toby reminds her so much of me when I was a young pup! We first met Toby on one of our group walks in Frensham, you can catch him in this blog post HERE It’s so nice to hear of a fellow pooch that has such a great relationship with their Grandparents, just like Alan & I!

Hi everyone!
I’m Toby the miniature wire-haired dachshund and I’ve just turned one. I’ve been living with my dachshund-mad Chief Human and my HuGrandparents since January. Chief Human had wanted a dog for as long as she could remember so my arrival was like a dream coming true. I’ve certainly kept her busy!
I love retrieving balls, snuggling with Chief Human and generally trying to destroy anything in my path. So far I’ve caused two beds to explode and eaten a rubber foot off a third! I’m also a cadet in #SausageArmy and love meeting up with my dachshund pals.
Toby x


Toby Sausage Dog

Toby Dachshund

Dach’s all for now – I’ve suddenly got a craving for cake…

Jeffrey x

Don’t forget, if you too would like to be my Fridays Furry Friend, email a photo and a bit about yourself to

  • Finn
    October 7, 2016

    I’m sure the two of you are glad to be home again. It’s nice to go away but it’s also lovely to come home. I hope you didn’t leave too much of a mess for Granny! I’m sure H and R are shattered after your visit.
    Isn’t Toby the cutest thing on four legs! Mum is smitten.
    I’m off to Cornwall tomorrow on my hols. Exciting. I hope Timm behaves himself and doesn’t show me up.
    Hope you both have a super weekend. Take care.

    • sausagetails
      October 14, 2016

      hope you have a nice holiday! x

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