Sausage Sum Up

September 2015

Happy 3rd Gotcha Day! – We celebrated 3 years of Mum & Dad collecting me and took a little stroll down memory lane!

Wire Sausage Dog Pup

Look What I’ve Sniffed Out… – Cath Kidston are excelling themselves at the moment with their sausage dog print range…

Cath Kidston Dog

Look What I’ve Sniffed Out… – these amazing mugs were found in our local garden centre however I have done some research and found an online link where you can treat yourselves!

Lisa Buckridge Hot Dog Mugs

Sausages at Henley Show – We had a family day out at Henley country show where we got to watch a sheep show, ferret racing and sniff lots of lovely foods!

Dogs Henley Show

Look What I’ve Sniffed Out… – Mum helped us show you these lovely tops that we found in Sainsburys

Dachshund Top

My Weekend In Pictures – we had a chilled weekend and had The H’s & Rodney over for the day to play!

Dachshund Harness

Jeffrey on Bow Wow Times – I found myself on the pages of Bow Wow Times!

Sausage Dog Laptop

Look What I’ve Sniffed Out… – we sniffed out these smelly air fresheners which we shared with you

Sausage Dog Air Freshener

September in Pictures

Dachshund Friends

Sausage Dog Beard

Sausage Dog Sofa

Dachshund Lunch

Sausage Dog Bed

Dachshund Terrier

Sausage Dog Cat

Dachshund Grass

Dachshund Bed

Dachshund Walk

Sausage Dog Walk

Sausage Dog Sunbathing

Dachshund & Schnauzers

Dachshund Flowers

Dachshund Cat

Dachshund River

Dachshund Chewing

Dachshund Beard

Smooth & Wire Sausage Dogs

Dachshund Duvet

Dachshund Garden

Dachshund Walk

Dachshund Pizza

Dachshund Walk

Dachshund Raincoat

Dachshund Sofa

Dachshund Duvet

Sunbathing Sausage Dog

Sunbathing Dachshund

Dachshund Park

Smooth & Wire Dachshund

Dachshund TV

Dachshund Cat

Dachshund Harness

Dach’s all for now – lets see what October brings!

Jeffrey x

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  • Ann Lock
    October 1, 2015

    You’ve obviously had a smashing September. Lovely!

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