Walk Me This Way

Mum treated me to something pretty special, she decided that I ‘needed’ a new collar and lead set ready for the summer! And who better to create this masterpiece than Maria at Walk Me This Way…

Walk Me This Way

Here’s a little bit about how Walk Me This way came about:

Walk Me This Way was founded by Maria, who wanted unique and unusual dog collars in a good fit for her Miniature Dachshund, Mr Darcy, the Walk Me This Way Craft Room Hound. 

As an ex-seamstress and enthusiastic crafter, Maria set out to make some herself, soon friends, relatives and total strangers started to ask about them, and Maria began making them to sell as a hobby, until June 2012 when Walk This Way (Walk Me This Ways original name) was born. 

After much success selling online, at craft fairs and dog shows, Maria realised it was time to launch a dedicated website to reach a wider audience and develop exciting new product ranges such as the contemporary D’Leashicious and the mischievous Rebelhound collections.

All the items are designed and handmade by Maria to the absolute highest quality, and Maria is also able create bespoke items upon request.

After a lot of deliberation and a little helping paw from me, Mum decided on the ‘True Blue’ set. It’s described as the ‘James May’ of dog collars and I decided I was certainly man enough to carry-off blue floral, well it is the summer after all!

Sausage Dog Bandana

Walk Me This Way

Dachshund Collar

Come a little closer…

Sausage Dog Collar

Dachshund Lead & Collar

Sausage Dog Lead & Collar

And the catalogue shot…

Walk Me This Way Collars

The material is really sturdy, well it needs to be the way I wrestle with my buddies, and the whole matching set just adds pure class, (to an already classy fellow!) I can assure you I turn heads whilst wearing it and guys, it gets attention from the ladies! I opted for the chrome buckle fastening, which sets it off really nicely and add’s that extra bit of bling.

I would thoroughly recommend getting the matching bandana, not only does it add an extra layer on slightly breezy days it also acts like a Superman cape when you’re impressing your mates in the park (if you’re into that kind of thing anyway).

You also get this really smart tag with your order, colour coded to your set!

Dachshund ID Tag

Maria, who creates all these fantastic pieces herself with the help of her Craft Room Hounds, Mr Darcy & new pup Wilbur, is extremely helpful and friendly. If you have any particular requests or would like something specially made, Maria will do her best to oblige. Mum and I would like to say a special thank you to Maria for all her help with my set!

Visit the Walk Me This Way website HERE and put your order in so you too, can be the best looking hound about town!

Dach’s all for now – off to pick my matching accessories for a walk, this set will do nicely!

Jeffrey x


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