Sausage Sum Up

June 2013

Walk Me This Way – Mum treated me to super special new collar and lead set so I was fashion-ready for the summer.

Walk Me This Way Collars

Sunsong Puppies – Mum, Dad & Nanny visited some local friends, Sunsong Dachshunds, as they had some very cute puppies to cuddle. I wasn’t jealous, much…

Smooth Dachshund Puppies

I’ve Put My Best Paw Forward – Me & My pals, Hattie & Harvey, put our best paws forward and did a sponsored walk at Highgate Park raising money for Cancer Research. We raised nearly £400 which in my opinion is pretty good for 3 small dogs!Best Paw Forward

Petit Chein – my Lovely Lottie took a trip to the South of France and sent me some treats. (That’s Lottie posting the post card/love note – not moi)

Dachshund Postcard

Happy Fathers Day – it was time to treat my Dad to something nice.

Longue Dog Wine

Archie & Me – My fellow wirey sausage Archie, co-founder of new company Archie & Me, sent a very smart leather collar and lead set to show you all! Check out their amazing products and treat yourself and your pooch to something nice!

Green Leather Lead

Sausage Celebrations – it was a very busy end to June, with Dad’s 3oth, Mum & Dad got engaged and it was Mum’s birthday too! It’s been great fun however we are getting back to normality now and I’m helping Mum with the wedding planning, that’s what Best Dog’s do isn’t it?

Dachshund Party

Dachshund Ring

Sausage Dog Cake

June in Pictures

Dachshund Friends

Badger Dog Toy

Dachshund Swims

Dachshund Swims

Dachshund Photo Shoot\\Schnauzer Beards

Dachshund Schnauzer

Dachshund Print Bed

Dachshund Laptop

Longue Dog Wine

Dog Sun Lounger

Sausage Dog Sunbathes

Dach’s all for now – here’s to July…

Jeffrey x

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