Socky Sausage – Part 7

Wow! We’ve made it to the 7th part of the Socky Sausage, which means my Mum & Nanny have a whole lotta’ dachshund print socks in their drawers!!!

This time we have 2 pairs from Accessorize – they were 3 pairs for £8 so of course, we have 3 pairs…
Sausage Dog Socks

First up we have a light blue pair with a sausage dog on each foot looking longingly at each other, Mum likes to bump her toes together like they are kissing, I’m sure she’s not the only one who does this… is she??

Sausage Dog Socks

Next is a blue & white striped pair that have lots on little sausage dogs printed all over with pink bones. Mmmmm, I do like a bone…Dachshund Socks

Of course its not a proper Socky Sausage post without roping the boys in to model them for you…

Accessorize Sausage Dog Socks

Dachshund Socks

Looking at Alan’s face, it’s safe to say they are cosy and comfy!

Accessorize Sausage Dog Socks

You can get them both from Accessorize in-store or online. The love heart pair HERE and the stripey pair HERE –  they are £3.50 each or in most stores they have them on offer – 3 pairs for £8 so you I know you’ll get 3 or 6 pairs, you cheeky lot!

Dach’s all for now – now go and buy some socks!

Jeffrey x

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  • Finn
    August 21, 2016

    The three of you look very smart. Why is Alan falling asleep?
    Big news from Finn Towers! My big hubro proposed to lovely Lucy on his thirtieth birthday yesterday and she said YES! Following your example Jeffrey, I have offered my services as ring bearer on the big day.

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