Wirey Wiener Writing

I’ve received some rather nice note cards from my lovely friends over at Flossie & Bumble that I’d like to share with you.

Wire Dachshund Note Lets

If you look really closely there is a reason they were sent to me, not only are they Christmas themed (just at the right time of year) but they have a cute wire haired dachshund on them, shaped just like me!

Dachshund Notelets

Dachshund Christmas Cards

Flora who is the creator of Flossie & Bumble and their lovely products was obviously inspired when designing these by her wirey sausage dog called Bumble! They are the Christmas version of the original Flossie & Bumble dachshund note cards and add a festive splash with the cute red scarves.

Flossie & Bumble Note Lets

I’ve got these ready for all those thank you notes I’m going to have to write my friends for the amazing presents they’ll be sending me for Christmas!

However, if you too would like some of these special Christmas dachshund note cards then you can treat yourself HERE

Dach’s all for now…

If you like these note cards then make sure you keep an eye on my blog for something special coming soon…

Jeffrey x


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