The Wirey Wieners Walk at Windsor

…and some smooth friends too!

It’s been a pretty good day – I’ve met my future wife Lottie, made some good chums and the only downside was I didn’t get to meet the Queen – I think we all know she would want to have tea with me (not even the Queen could resist my wirey face!)

We all met at Windsor Great Park and were fortunate that the sun was shining for us.

Dachshund Walk

After the ritual bum-sniffing and introducing ourselves (and checking Lottie out for myself…) we set off on our adventure.

Sausage Dog Walk

Me, taking Mum for a walk…

Dachshund Walk

The best thing about Windsor Great Park is that there are HUGE open spaces for sausages to run around in – perfect! This gave us time to work out each other’s stamina and fitness level, I have to admit, being the youngest I was probably the fittest (plus I do a lot of working out and weights with Dad)

Walking dachshund

Here are my new buddies Wilhelm (smooth) and Wolfgang (wire). You can probably see that Wolfgang is a pretty handsome chap, I can only aspire to be as DACHshing as he is, one day, maybe one day…

Dachshund Walk Windsor

Wolfgang Dachshund

After a little wander we decided to stop for a drink (Evian for me) and the slaves parents could grab a coffee and a toilet break. I told Mum just to cock her leg up the nearest tree but she wasn’t having it, not sure why?

We decided this was the perfect opportunity for a sausage line up and a group memento photo. As you can see we are a pretty good looking bunch of dachshunds, some of you may like these as postcards to send to your friends, just let me know your order (I can also pawtograph them for you).

From left to right: Poppy, Gracie, Wilbur, Lottie, ME, Wilhelm, Wolfgang (we were one short of impersonating a pack of Wall’s sausages)

Dachshunds on a Log

Dachshund line-up

This was also my opening to get a little closer to the Lovely Lottie, bark a few sweet nothings into her furry ears, flex my muscles and generally woo her.

It started with a lick…

Wire hair dachshunds

I never thought it would come to this…

Wire Haired Dachshunds

What a gorgeous couple!

Jeffrey the Dachshund

Whilst the sausage love was blossoming between Lottie and I, the others decided to have a rummage in a handbag. I had briefed everyone on the fact that I’m becoming a little famous and it was a good idea to search all people and their possessions for possible paparazzi equipment.


After our pitstop it was time for another run around the park and it couldn’t have been better with all my new friends – fun times!

I eventually had to say goodbye to my buddies, it was pretty tough, especially with Lottie, it was good to finally meet her after our online dating shenanigans, she was even better in the fur. Once I was home it was time for a bit of this…

Sleepy Dachshund

Dach’s all for now – off to trim my beard to look like Wolfgang’s…

Jeffrey x

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  • Selina Knox
    April 21, 2013

    Oh Wow! Wish Jonny and I could have joined you. Just love the team photo and will watch the Jeffrey and Lottie romance with interest!!

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