The Wedding – Part 2

Here’s the next instalment of Mum & Dad’s wedding, I’m going to share with you how we set up the barn and the finished result! As I previously mentioned, this was a DIY wedding where we all (me included) made and contributed to the day, Mum hired a completely EMPTY barn (it seemed like a good idea at the time…) however I think she was mainly swayed as the venue would allow dogs. That would mean me being the ring bearer and helping with the set up!

So this was where the magic would happen, Monks Barn in Hurley…

Monks Barn Hurley

Grandad, being a builder, came up with the rather genius idea of hiring a scaffold tower to hang all the hundreds of meters of fairy lights that my Mum dreamed of having strung from the barn ceiling but of course, it was up to us men to get up there and get on with it.

Monks Barn Hurley

Monks Barn Hurley

Wedding Pom Poms

Auntie Yvonne spent an hour or so being Chief Fluffer of Pom Poms, Mum and Auntie Shelley spent one Sunday evening folding them up ready for the day that they could finally be fluffed to their full colourful potential.

Wedding Pom Poms

And then we had to hang them…

Monks Barn Wedding

Meanwhile Nanny helped Auntie Yvonne hang all the hundreds of meters of bunting she had been sewing for a year, it looked fab and really drew everything together.

Dachshund Bunting

Mum & Auntie Shelley sorted through, cleaned and dried all the vintage china for the afternoon tea. Auntie Shelley choosing the cup she wanted on the day…

Dachshund China

Chairs in the ceremony end of the barn were laid out…

Monks Barn Hurley

So I made sure I reserved my seat, with the best view of course!

Dachshund Chair

Monks Barn Hurley

I checked on the bar and made sure they had my favourite tipple…

Monks Barn Hurley Bar

Mum, Dad and Auntie Shelley played on the Pimms bike whilst I cracked on with the hard work, typical!

Pimms Bike

Pimms Bike

Pimms Bike

Nanny took on the mammoth task of arranging all the flowers for the barn, the table centres and side table arrangements, she did an amazing job and exceeded Mum’s dreams, they were so pretty! Here she is cutting out the oasis to put in all the teapots and cups and saucers, mind your fingers Nanny!

Monks Barn Wedding

Tea Pot Flower Table Centre

The table plan was strung on wooden step ladders to keep with the vintage garden party theme, all tables were named after a type of sausage – chorizo, frankfurter, lincolnshire – you get the idea!

Step Ladder Table Plan

Of course, Mum & Dad’s table was named after the best type of sausage – Jeffrey!

Tea Pot Table Centre

The sweetie table was put together, it smelt so good, Auntie Shelley & I hung around here a lot…

Wedding Sweet Table

The almost finished product…

Wedding Hurley

Monks Barn Hurley

However this was all hard work so I made sure I took time out to reflect on what was going to happen very soon and the very important role I had taken on…

Hurley Barn

Dachshund Wedding


Dach’s all for now – look out for Part 3!

Jeffrey x

  • Julie Dean
    August 7, 2014

    Wow how amazing!! It really looked so beautiful, such hard work really did pay off Jeffrey. So will you be going in to the wedding business? Look forward to Part 3. Julie & Ernie xx

  • Fiona
    August 7, 2014

    Amazing! What an effort you all made xx

  • Hilly Hubb
    August 8, 2014

    Wow wee it looks ab fab! What a lot of work and such fun … Loving the giant pompoms … Very in vogue … You are all so talented. Hilly,fFinny and Tilda

  • Chris Ward
    August 8, 2014

    Jeffrey, all your efforts and hard work really paid off. What a lovely venue!!! Can’t wait for installment #3. P.S. You sure are an adorable boy.

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