Sunday Sausage Strolling

Well this morning was a good start to a Sunday! It’s been a while but we finally got to go and meet our local sausage group for a stroll along the river, time to stretch our stumps legs & have a good catch up!

We set off along the river, checking out the ducks and saying hi to the deck-hand dogs aboard the boats.

My hoobro Joey came along for the stroll, he’s only got little legs so I had to make sure that he stopped for a rest halfway along the route, taking in the views…

We were lucky that so many of our local sausage pals were able to make the walk & they all seemed to have such a good time! We even had 2 new members in the group, 2 gorgeous little black & tan puppies! I think my Mum may have been a tad broody…

And of course my faithful pals Archie, Rodney & honorary-sausage Harvey were all there!

It wasn’t long before we reached a bay along the river where we could dip our little legs in and get our paws all sandy and wet, of course, Rodney was the first sausage in!!

We ended the walk with a run around the cricket pitch and some fun group shots!

What a fab morning we had, thank you to all our local pals & we look forward to having another sausage stroll with you soon!

Dach’s all for now!

Jeffrey x

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