Socky Sausage – Part 8

It’s been a while since I treated you to a classic Sausage Tails Socky Sausage – so here you go! Not just one pair have we sniffed out for you but a multi-pack of 3!

Joules Dog Socks

These are from Joules, the company that our Mum & Nanny just love and they do come up with the goods when it comes to a fab sausage dog design!

Joules Bamboo Socks

Joules Dog Socks

You have 3 pairs to choose from in this pack, a green pair with Sausage dogs, Labradors, Pugs & Airdale dogs on them – something for every dog owner out there! Another white & pink pair with a classic Alan-type sausage on and the third pair is navy with a Harvey Schnauzer on!
Joules Dog Socks

Literally the best suited multi-pack of socks for our family!

Joules Bamboo Dog Socks

Joules Sausage Dog Socks

And of course, if there is a Schnauzer gracing the design of these socks then who else better to show them to you than our very own Harvey!Joules Schnauzer Socks

Joules Schnauzer Socks

Joules Schnauzer Socks

Socky Sausage wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t get Rodney aka The Beast involved, so here you go readers, your favourite photo of this series! I think it’s safe to say we all know why we call Rodders The Beast…Joules Dog Socks

Joules Dog Socks

We found our pack of socks in-store at Joules however you can pick your very own bargain pack HERE


Dach’s all for now – off to sort our Mum’s millions of pairs of socks…

Jeffrey x

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