Sausages Do Lunch

On Sunday we spent the day catching up with friends for a walk and catch up over lunch at Frensham Little Pond. Alan was very excited to see his girlfriend Edie, he even wore his elf harness just for her…

Elf Dog Harness

But it seemed Edie was too busy digging holes and looking for mice to notice him!

Frensham Little Ponds

And all Rodney wanted to do was get into the water…Francium Little Ponds

Along with our other standard friend with the best name EVER, Geoffrey! (even if he does spell it incorrectly 😉 )

Dachshund Swimming

Once we’d checked we had everyone, we set off into the wet and mud, a sausage dogs dream!

Francium Little Pond

Dachshund Walks

Dachshund Walks

Dachshund Walk

Frensham Dog Walks

Dachshund Walks

It wasn’t long before we came across another beach where the Standard Sausage Gang could run into the water and wade around to their hearts content!

Frensham Dog Walks

Frensham Dog Walks

I think Geoffrey was letting everyone know we were there!

Francium Dogs Swimming

However I stayed on the bank and kept watch, it was a tad too chilly for me to submerge my wiener fully!!

Frensham Pond Walks

Our friend Otto also watched from the sidelines, sensible sausage…

Long Haired Dachshund Walks

Just look at the state of Rodders, mucky pup!!
Wire Haired Dachshunds

How cute is the elf?! Mum said it’s a good job he was wearing it or we wouldn’t have been able to see his brown body through all the mud!Elf Dog Harness

We escaped the worst of the rain, not that the standards would have noticed the extra dampness on their extra long bodies, but it was a little windy to say the least…IMG_4713

Frensham Dog Walks

Once we had dragged the big guys from the water it was time to set off again like a string of sausages!

Frensham Dog Walks


Just taking in the view on my way around the pond…

Francium Little Pond

My ears soon pricked up as heard the word ‘pub’! Now that is something I am ALWAYS up for – a pub lunch! Chilling + food = one happy Jeffrey!

The Holly Bush Pub

Alan’s gorgeous girlfriend Edie threw on her best festive outfit for lunch, seriously adorable!

Dog Knitted Hat

But it wasn’t long before Alan also wanted a go, he looks like a hairy bush baby!

The Holly Bush Frensham

I think he found our comments hilarious…


Out of nowhere little Edie whipped out some mistletoe, our Alan was rather quick to take her up on the offer…

The Holly Bush Frensham

Player…The Holly Bush Frensham

The oldest and most esteemed of the Standard Sausage Gang, Fonz, was taking in the flirting from across the table, I bet the ladies love this older man…IMG_4783

Rodney too was taking it all in, hoping that a bit of my Dad’s burger might just fall his way…

The Holly Bush Frensham

No chance Rodders!

The Holly Bush Frensham

It seemed Alan was also hitting on another young lady, Ava! She’s a very girly long haired version of Alan, what a cutie!  The Holly Bush Frensham

What a handsome group we make!

The Holly Bush Pub Frensham

And the official line up! We had a fun walk and lovely lunch, it was really nice to catch up with our friends before Christmas!

The Holly Bush Frensham


Dach’s all for now – how have you been catching up with your festive friends?

Jeffrey x

  • hilaryhubbert
    December 23, 2015

    What a lovely day especially the swimming … Love Alan in his antlers …. What a well behaved pup he is …. Very impressed

  • Finn
    December 24, 2015

    Impressive! I’m exhausted just looking at the photos! I need a lie down.

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