Sausage Sum Up

February 2015

…And We’re Back! – Mum & Dad finally came home from their 2 week honeymoon in St Lucia, this post features some photos of their amazing holiday!

St Lucia Dog

DachsLife 2015 – Alan & I took part in the Dachshund Breed Council’s survey which was asking dachshund owners how they rear, feed and exercise their dogs. We also asked you to take part and send in your dachshunds vital measurements!

Dachshund Computer

Happy Birthday Harvey! – It was Harvey, one of my best buddy’s 8th birthday, so of course we celebrated in style with party hats and a cake!

Schnauzer Birthday

And They Call It Sausage Love… – it was Alan’s first Valentines Day so I showed him the best way to woo a sausage lady, check out this blog post to see the recipients of our advances…

Dachshund Valentines

Dachshund Creations – our friends over at Dachshund Creations sent us this fab personalised t-shirt which Mum helped us to model.

Sausage Dog T-Shirt

Wimbledon Walkies  – we met some of our fab long haired sausage friends for a walk on Wimbledon common and a pub lunch, our lovely photographer friend Emma Newman was on hand to make sure she got my best side…

Dachshund Equafleece

Look What I’ve Sniffed Out… – we found this dachshund shaped candle in Marks & Spencer, this is one candle Mum won’t be burning!

Marks & Spencer Sausage Dog Candle

February in Photos

Chocolate Dachshund

Wire Sausage Dog

Wire Dachshund

Dachshund Jumper

Sunbathing Dachshund

Dachshund Rug

Dachshund TV

Dachshund Tie

Dachshund Sunbathing

Dog Spinach

Dachshund Jumper

Dachshund Basket

Dachshund Jumper

Dachshund Collar

Dachshund Bed

Dog Steak

Dach’s all for now – bring on March!

Jeffrey x

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