Sausage Sum Up

November 2014

Look What I’ve Sniffed Out… – Mum and I found these soft and cosy fleece pyjama’s and sausage dog pants on a trip to Primark.

Primark Pyjama's

Look What I’ve Sniffed Out… – One of our most unusual finds, a dachshund shaped lip balm! I’ve been getting in touch with my feminine side…

Dachshund Lip Balm

Catch Me Up – Alan & I were struck down with kennel cough so we had a couple of weeks cooped up recovering, we were very, very bored…

Dachshund Blanket

That’s What Friends Are For – this blog post is one of Mum’s favourites, me and my pals just chilling and spooning, very normal for us.

Dachshund Sleeping

Look What I’ve Sniffed Out… – We found this handy bag from ASOS, a sausage dog stretches all the way around it!

Sausage Dog Bag

Sausage Advent-Ure – Mum helped me to make our very own advent calendar for the Christmas count down. Catch up with this blog post if you fancy making your own, you may just have to eat the first few days in one go, sacrifices and all that…

Sausage Advent Calendar

Look What I’ve Sniffed Out… – I shared my Christmas sausage dog wrapping paper finds with you, get yourself organised for Christmas!

Dachshund Wrapping Paper

November in Pictures

Wet Dachshund

Dachshund Ball

Dachshund TV

Dachshund Rug

Dachshund Food

Dachshund Sleeping

Dachshund Bed

Wire & Smooth Dachshund

Wire Dachshund

Dachshund Blanket

Dachshund Jumper

Dachshunds & Cats

Jeffrey Dachshund

Dachshund Beard

Dried Chicken Feet

Dachshund Sleeping


Dach’s all for now – here’s to December!

Jeffrey x

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