Saturday Sausage Saunter

This morning Alan, Rodney & I went and met some friends – some old (that’s you Archie) and some new at our local park.  It was a good turn out of all coats and sizes, Alan & I reckon that was about 18+ sausages in total! We had to use all 8 paws to do a count up…

Marlow Park

After introducing ourselves, a bit of paw shaking and butt sniffing, it was soon time to set off for a walk and a catch up.

Higginson Park

And we’re off!Dachshund Walk

Dachshund Meet Up

Higginson Park

We set off along the river, one of my favourite strolls.

Marlow Sausage Strolls

Dachshund Walk

Check out Red’s amazing coat, I was a little bit jealous as it was a bit nippy this morning!

Dachshund Walk

Dachshund Walk

Alan & I spotted an imposter on our travels, he seemed harmless so we said hello and moved on with the sausage parade.

Jeffrey the Dachshund

Alan Dachshund

Standard Wire Dachshund

Rodney just loves wading in the water, we were worried he might pull Nanny in (however it would have been very funny if he had!)

Dachshund River

We made our way to the cricket pitch so we could have a proper run around, well the young ones could anyway.

Jeffrey Dachshund

Higginson Park

Check out Mr Foxy on the right, that’s our Rodney’s Dad, the resembalance is uncanny!

Chocolate Wire Dachshund

Rodney the Dachshund

Alan ran around like a mad pup, he just loves to socialise that boy!

Alan Dachshund

And photo bomb…

Dachshund Walk

Dachshund Walk

The obligatory group shot, we just about all made it with the exception of a couple of sausages that were in need of warmth and coffee. Rodney wasn’t looking the right way, shocking…

Sausage Dog Walks

Some of us were getting chilly (Mum & Nanny) so we went in search of some hot drinks, mine’s a latte. Here’s my buddy Archie and cute Renner warming up.

Dachshund Coffee

I think these two were well worn out, my mission was accomplished!

Standard Long Haired Dachshund

Meanwhile Archie and I had some catching up to get on with…

Dachshund Coffee

Did someone say biscuit?

Sausage Dog Coffee

We had a really lovely morning making friends and hope do it again very soon! However Alan & were pooped pups and spent the afternoon chilling on the sofa and dreaming of squirrels…

Jeffrey & Alan


Dach’s all for now!

Jeffrey x

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