Lowrider Lockdown

I thought it might be nice for you to catch up on our Lockdown adventures here, all in one place. Mum, Joey & I go on out on our one walk a day together, feeding the ducks, collecting sticks & sometimes resting our paws on a log or two. Dad joins us on the weekends and we’ve been pottering in the garden when the weather has been kind.

In the UK we’ve been in lockdown for about 6 weeks now, it’s all very peculiar. Mum, Dad & Joey are home all the time and I am getting lots of extra cuddles & treats (shhhhh, not that Mum knows, Joey smuggles them to me on the the sly!) But lockdown life can be hard so we hope that our photos give you a little smile & a pick me up.

We hope you are all well & keeping safe.

Take care,

Jeffrey x

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