Look What I’ve Sniffed Out…

Well it’s been a little while since we shared anything sausage dog related with you and thats simply because we’ve been busy refurbishing our house or looking after our pregnant Mum, it’s a busy life being a dachshund son! However we did find a couple of cute finds in our local M&Co store…


First up is this pyjama vest, we weren’t going to ask our 8 months-pregnant Mum to model for you this time, there’s just no way she would fit in it! However we thought it might be a nice thing for her to have once she’s had the baby…


Of course Alan wanted to get in on the action and now he wants to take up roller-skating, silly pup…



We also found these cute trainer socks, now these Mum has been wearing! Perfect for the Summer and even better that they have sausage dogs all over!



Now both of these are from the M&Co Kylie range which is geared more towards teenage girls but if’ you’re a smaller hoo-mum, like ours, then these are both perfect as they come up quite big. You can get the pyjama vest top HERE for £6 and socks HERE for £2.50


Dach’s all for now!

Jeffrey x

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