Look What I’ve Sniffed Out…

This weeks find is one for those lovely ladies of you out there, so I roped my Mum in to help me show it to you!

Dorothy Perkins Sausage Dog T-Shirt

This sausage dog t-shirt is from Dorothy Perkins and boasts a dachshund (of the Alan variety) across the front with the words ‘woof ‘woof woof’ emblazoned on it, one is even designed in sequins, how girly!

Dorothy Perkins Dachshund T-Shirt

Sausage Dog T-Shirt

Dachshund T-Shirt

Dorothy Perkins Dog T-Shirt

I’m not saying that you HAVE to own a dachshund to pull off this t-shirt with style but it sure helps…

Ladies Dachshund T-shirt

Mum & I make quite a good modelling duo but Alan had to get involved at some point, well he is honing his fashion skills and is hoping to apply for a job on QVC any day now…

Ladies Sausage Dog T-Shirt

Dorothy Perkins Sausage Dog

You too can treat yourself to this t-shirt from Dorothy Perkins HERE



Dach’s all for now – off to join David Beckham & David Gandy down the gym…

Jeffrey x

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