Look What I’ve Sniffed Out…

This week I’ve sniffed out a pair of dachshund print mugs from Next,  they do say all the best dachshund-related things come in pairs…

Alan of course wanted to get into the packing first and tried standing on the box to open it, he hasn’t realised that this doesn’t always work…

Next Dachshund Mugs


These mugs are just so cute! Pushed together they look like one long sausage dog, Alan was pretty excited as he said it looked like him!

Next Mugs

On the inside of the rim is one the best slogans ever ‘We go together like sausage and mash’, it’s so true! Mum loves seeing this as she drinks her cup of tea, she says it reminds her of Alan & I, Alan thinks he’s the sausage and I’m the mash, not sure if I agree…

Sausage Dog Mugs

Sausage Dog Mugs

Dachshund Mugs

Of course the best way to test out our new finds is to make a good ol’ cup of tea in them so I took it upon myself to put the kettle on.

Next Dachshund Mug

As usual Alan wanted to ‘help’ me which meant there was sugar everywhere and teabags nibbled, that pup!!

Sausage Dog Tea

Got to wait for it to brew for just the right amount of time…

Next Sausage Dog Mug

Next Dog Mug

And then it was time to taste!

Next Sausage Dog Mugs

But tea for two is always better…

Dachshund Mugs

Next Sausage Dog Mugs

These mugs are perfect for any sausage dog home, you too can treat yourself to these HERE!


Dach’s all for now – get the kettle on!

Jeffrey x

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