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So first off, I can only apologise for how quiet we have been however we do have a little bit of an excuse. Most of you will already be aware if you follow me on social media that our worst nightmare came true in January when my brother Alan was struck down by IVDD. This is what all dachshunds dread will happen to them, it’s always lurking in the background and unfortunately our poor Alan has been affected. He ruptured two discs in his back which rendered him paralysed.

He was taken into surgery straight away once we got him to a referral vets, it was very upsetting to see him like that. He spent a week at the vets having lots of cuddles, he’s perfected the puppy dog eyes (I’ve taught him well!) and eating all their chicken. Apart from the pain poor Alan was in, I have to say, I was a little jealous – a week away from our crawling hoo-brother, sleeping the day away & being fed chicken by the nurses – bliss!

When he first came home Mum & Dad had to use a sling to help him walk, something he was not happy about as our Alan likes to be up & about but he’s ditched that now and is walking by himself again.
IVDD Dachshund

IVDD Dachshund

IVDD Dachshund Sling

He rested up lots…Dachshund Bed

And it wasn’t long before we were eating dinner together again…

IVDD Dachshund

He had to have a special penned area so that he didn’t walk around too much but now he’s spending his days with me in our lounge sunbathing in the Spring sunshine. However, I do miss the pen as I used to hide in there with him sometimes to have time-out from our hoo-bro, he wears me out!!

Dachshund Pen

Mum & Dad do physio exercises with Alan everyday, which look very relaxing!

Dachshund Massage

Alan is also doing hydrotherapy to help his recovery, he’s not the biggest fan of water but to be fair to the little guy, he’s doing really well at it! Dachshund Hydrotherapy

I even go along to cheer him on (and for the biscuits afterwards)…

Dachshund Hydrotherapy

And he’s back out taking a short walk everyday to aid his recovery, perusing the park for babes more like it…

IVDD Dachshund

So Alan is doing really well, we were all very worried about him to begin with but he’s getting stronger everyday and is almost back to his old bouncy self, he was even in the mood to celebrate Valentines Day, the old smoothie…

Sausage Dog Valentines

Talking of getting romantic, our hoo-brother Joey was also feeling the love…

Baby Valentine

He’s really getting into the dachshund spirit…

Baby Sausage Dog Top

And can you beleive he is nearly 9 months old already, where has the time gone?!

Baby Milestone 8 Months

Cool Baby

Best of all, I’ve got him well trained, next up, roast beef…
Dachshund & Baby


Dach’s all for now – we hope to be back very soon!

Jeffrey x

  • Charlotta
    March 25, 2018

    O dear!!! What a trying and scary time for you all! So very nice to se Alan so well again! I am sure your good support and company has been of trenendous help to him. All the best to you all and it is good to see you have your hu-bro well trained in giving you food too. Me and the doggies wish Alan all the best recovery!

  • Finn
    March 25, 2018

    So glad that your household is getting back to normal after Alan’s awful experience. You should all be very proud of the way you’ve cared for him. You’re quite a team. We only hope that he’s been a good patient!!!!!
    It must be a joy to see him get a little bit stronger every day.
    Still got our paws crossed.
    Finn and Timm

  • jane
    March 26, 2018

    Oh My goodness my heart was in my mouth and head in hands when I read this. I hadn’t realised Alan had been so unwell. Everyone sympathises when they have a little sausage or two in their house as they really really steal your heart. How absolutely dreadful. I am still in shock but trying to pick myself up, I realise he has made such good progress with his recovery. Love to you all and yes of course that is you too Jeffrey xx

  • Corinne Ward
    March 26, 2018

    Wondered where you had all been. ? Just thought your new little human had taken over. Take it easy Alan and all the best for a complete recovery. XXX

  • Ruth and Lacey
    March 26, 2018

    So sorry to hear that Alan has been so poorly and happy yo know he is on the mend.
    Lacey is eleven today,taking it easy as usual!
    We send our best wishes to you all; love the photos of you all! Xx

  • Mama
    March 26, 2018

    Good to see things are getting back to normal! Great to see you all on Saturday. Love Mama xx

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