Jeffy Does Cliveden

Now that Mum & Dad are old parents, they thought it was time to invest in a National Trust membership. This means that we can visit beautiful historic properties, Joey can stretch his legs and I can grab a coffee & have a sniff around, you never know, the squirrels might be posher!

Last weekend we made the most of the fading Summer sunshine and headed to Cliveden House.

We had a run around the gardens before heading up to the main house to take a look. The famous fountain at the top of the drive seemed the perfect place to catch our breath before continuing down the long, stately driveway. Of course Rodders was there, there can’t be ‘Jeffrey on Tour’ without my body guard!

The drive was so long, we had to have a little sit down & of course, a family photo…

Before we knew it, we reached the main house, it was very grand, somewhere I could see myself living in fact…

We followed the path through some beautiful gardens, that Nanny & Mum had some serious green-fingered envy over, all the way to the back of the house where we could admire the stunning ‘parterre’ garden.

We headed down to the lawns to take a closer look & sniff about, however dogs are not allowed onto the lawn, I mean what did they think I was going to do!? I had already made sure Rodney had a wee up a tree beforehand so that wasn’t going to happen! The lawn is well known for children to roll down, however some child-like adults partake, not naming any names, Dad…

After all that exertion, it was time for a pit stop & a coffee. The cafe at Cliveden looked very nice & dogs are able to sit outside. Rodney, Harvey & I put in an order for some sponge cake, not that Grandad took any notice! But we did get the crusts from Joeys sandwich, so all was not lost.

After we had refuelled and basked in the sunshine, it was time to explore one last garden before heading for home. The aptly named Long Garden…

A beautiful garden, perfect for a couple of long dogs to explore all the good sniffs & keep our eyes open for those pesky posh squirrels!

But after all that monkeying around…

It was time for this sausage & his hoobro to have a brief rest before heading home…

Dachs all now – here’s to our next Sausage Tails adventure…

Jeffrey x

  • Mere
    September 23, 2019

    That picture of Jeffrey with his paw on the Long Garden sign post is delightful. National Trust membership is the best bargain around. Enjoy it!

  • Ruth
    September 23, 2019

    What a lovely day you all had!
    Thank you for sharing your photos; we loved them
    Lacey The Longhaired Dachshund and her mummy Ruth

  • Kathie Anderson
    September 23, 2019

    Oh, my! There does come that time in our lives when we realize it is time to “adult”, especially when the children arrive. There is that sense that we must begin to share the history and all that entails. I am happy so that you are making sure Joey and Jeffrey as well know from whence they came. You can never go wrong with that.

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