It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Dachs-Mas…

It’s starting to feel like Christmas in the Sausage Tails household, or as we like to call it, Dachs-Mas! Mum sent Dad into the loft to get down all the Christmas decorations and our tree, I’m sure there’s more and more boxes each year! Dachshund Boxes

Sausage Dog Box

We set Mum up with a glass of mulled wine whilst us men did the heavy lifting of moving boxes and erecting the tree…

Dachshund Christmas Tree

I was in charge of handing the branches to Dad…

Dachshund Christmas Tree

And Alan was in charge of lights, it’s just a shame he couldn’t reach the tree…

Sausage Dog Christmas Tree

Next up it was time to sort out the tree decorations, including some very nice new ones! Mum & Dad like to collect tree ornaments from each place they visit and this year has been a good one for them with not only their honeymoon but Mum’s 30th too! They have one from New York, a Lobster from Boston and a beautiful glass bauble full of St Lucian sand.

Dachshund Christmas Tree

We’ve also been given some lovely new hanging sausages dogs too!

Sausage Dog Tree Decoration

This cute dude from Lenny and his parents, he’s from Help the Heroes so not only is he making our tree look pretty but he’s doing his bit by raising money for our armed forces.

Sausage Dog Tree Ornament

My Auntie Yvonne bought me this lovely sausage dog silhouette, looking all festive in his tartan coat!

Dachshund Tree Ornament

And finally a new one our Mum found in our local Accessorize, I decided he was a cross between a Santa Sausage and Harry Potter…Accessorize Dog Christmas

We can add these to the couple of sausage dog decorations we already have…

Dachshund Tree Decoration

Next to hang on the tree (with a little lift from our Dad) was our very special ‘first Christmas’ plaques that our Nanny gave us, our favourite things to hang on the tree and they take pride of place right at the front!
Dachshund First Christmas

First Christmas Plaque

First Christmas Plaque

Just giving Santa the once over, he smells like Christmas…

Dachshund Santa

We offered to help wrap the tinsel around the stair hand rail however Mum said we were more of a hinderance than help, not sure what she means…

Dachshund Tinsel

And I hung the wreath, ok, Dad hung it but I told him exactly the right place to hang it, I have an eye for detail…

Dachshund Christmas Wreath

After we had put up all the decorations it was time to put some lovely parcels we have already received under our tree, ready for Christmas day, I’m sure I heard a squeaky toy in there…

Dachshund Gift Bag

Dog Christmas Hat

Dog Christmas Hat

After all that was done, it was time to relax, chill out and admire our handy paw work…
Dachshund Christmas


Dach’s all for now – how are you getting into the festive spirit?

Jeffrey x


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