Hot Diggidy Dog

So we made the decision yesterday evening to make the most of this glorious heatwave we have been experiencing, grab a picnic and hit the park!

Dachshund Picnic

Dachshund Picnic

With some friends of course! We dispatched Grandad to get some dinner whilst we took care of the drinks.
Dachshund Picnic

Rodney was in charge of bar duty, which he took very seriously…
Dachshund Picnic

Dachshund Picnic

And it wasn’t long before Grandad soon arrived with THE most delicious food, Wimpy burger! Now THAT’S my kind of picnic!

Dachshund Picnic

Dachshund Picnic

That snorkel nose just about gets everywhere…Sausage Dog Picnic

We let our dinner go down and took in our beautiful summer evening surroundings…

Sausage Dog Picnic

Sausage Dog Picnic

It was soon time to head off down the river path in search of a place to paddle and cool off…

Dachshund Park

Dachshund River Walk

Marlow River Dogs

Doing a little boat shopping on the way, dreaming of what I could do with one of those bad boys, hello ladies…
Dachshund Boat

Up & over footpath bridges…Dachshund Bridge

And obviously stopping to do my classic dog-on-a-log pose, well I am long bodied sausage after all!  Dog on a Log

We took a break to rest on a bench, watching the rowers and ducks go by, what I’d do for some Chinese pancakes…

Dachshund Bench

It wasn’t long before big ol’ Rodders found our favourite cove to lower ourselves into for a cooling dip, or in Rodney’s case, crashing through a picnic, squashing a whole tray of doughnuts on his way before falling headfirst into the water, SO graceful… I don’t think those young ladies will be speaking to us again!!Dachshund Swimming

Dachshund Swimming

I gracefully strolled into the water, looking like some sort of long bodied, short legged, hairy James Bond, but without the Speedo’s…Dachshund Swimming

Dachshund Swimming

After wading like a hippo gazelle for a bit, I heard the bar was open so I scurried back up the bank to dry my paws on Nanny’s picnic blanket (apparently that’s not what its for??) and then shortly realised that the gin & tonic was in fact for my Mum and a bottle of water was produced for us pooches – spoilsports!
Sausage Dog River

Schnauzer River

We watched the sun set before heading back towards the park and home, satisfied we’d enjoyed a beautiful English summers evening!

Dachshund Sunset


Dach’s all for now!

Jeffrey x

  • Finn
    July 21, 2016

    What lovely photos and you all look so ‘dry’ and dapper (apart from when you were in the water, of course). I’ve been a soggy, sweaty mess, never far from the fan for the last few days. Tonight I was just soggy as it was a rainy walk. The British weather!

  • hilaryhubbert
    July 22, 2016

    We feel cooler just looking at the pics

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