Happy Doggy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all the dog Daddy’s & Grandad’s out there! We thought in honour of Fathers Day, we would take a look back at our relationship with our very own Dad, it’s a two-way street, not only does he do a lot for us but I think we’re pretty important in his life too!

Always there to support him through those big events…
Dachshund Wedding

Making sure he gets plenty of rest & relaxation…


Keeping him motivated through workouts…


Helping with the household chores, especially gardening when our badger-digging paws come in use…

photo 5-23

Keeping an eye on calories consumed, our Dad likes to stay healthy of course…


Taking time to reflect on life, slow down & just take in the view…


Taking him on big wilderness adventures & showing him the ways of squirrel hunting…


And making him laugh, of course!


But of course Dad does a lot for us too! Not only is he currently building us a new home (apparently there’s underfloor heating just to warm our bellies!) but he’s always there for us, especially in sporting events…



And of course, gives the best cuddles!



Happy Fathers day to all you Dad’s – especially ours!

Jeffrey x


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  • Glenna B.
    June 18, 2017

    Sweet! Good thing you are both so helpful to Dad. He may need a few extra paws when the new little one arrives.

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