Happy Birthday To Me!

Yes today I turned 2!

Dachshund Birthday

So it was only right that I celebrated with my best friends and family…

Sausage Dog Hat

I even got kisses and cuddles from my Cousin, he’s a good playmate and gives very good cuddles.

Dog Birthday

Dog Party Hat

Sausage Dog Birthday

Sausage Dog Birthday

We had a slap-up meal Al Fresco (the anti-gulp bowls belong to The H’s, what can I say…)

Dachshund Food

Dachshund Food
Sausage Dog Food

We even finished it up with pudding! A very special fan of mine called Halla sent me a wonderful and very tasty Pupcake, how lucky am I?!

Dachshund Hat

Dog Birthday Cake

Sausage Dog Cake

I even had a candle however we didn’t light it as Mum said it was highly likely that I would be clumsy and set my beard alight!! Who does she think I am? Rodney??

Dog Birthday Cake

Dachshund Birthday Cake

It was soon time to tuck into the presents and I have to say I did pretty well this year, what a popular sausage!

Dachshund Gift Wrap

I received a fabulous personalised card from Amber & Maisie, how cute?

Dachshund Birthday Card

Sausage Dog Birthday Card

Dachshund Birthday Card

It even had a declaration of love on the back, thank you ladies!

Sausage Dog Card

There was a very special package from a very special lady, my Lovely Lottie Loo, all wrapped up in special sausage dog paper. Mum’s going to want to know where that came from!

Dachshund Wrapping Paper

Dachshund Gift

Once I ripped off the sausage dog paper, much to Mum’s disgust, I found that there were some awesome smelling peanut butter doggy treats, thanks Lovely Lottie!

Sausage Dog Gift Wrap

Nanny also got me some interesting smelling gifts which I enjoyed opening…

Dachshund Present

You’ve gotta get your nose right in there to check out what’s in the paper…

Sausage Dog Gifts

Some yummy salmon treats and a new bunny toy, I love it!

Dachshund Treat

Sausage Dog Toy

And then it was time to find out what Mum & Dad had treated me to…

Sausage Dog Toy

Dachshund Gift

A long squeaky snake toy that makes such a loud squeak I just KNOW it’s going to annoy them!

Dachshund Toy

Snake Dog Toy

And some posh treats that I had to make sure Dad wasn’t tasting!

Dachshund Treats

A big thank you to everyone for my cards, presents and birthday wishes! I really appreciate it and I’ve had a lovely birthday!

Dachshund Presents

Dach’s all for now – off to comfort Mum as she can’t believe I’m 2 already…

Jeffrey x

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  • norma lyons
    July 2, 2014

    Happy birthday Jeffrey! Many many more..

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