Happy Birthday Nanny

It was my lovely Nanny’s birthday yesterday so I wanted to make it an extra special day and be a good grand-dog. I started off by baking a chocolate butterfly cake as I know that Nanny loves chocolate AND butterflies

Dog Cake

Butterfly Cake

I wrote a birthday card specially for Nanny and then paw-printed my signature. This did involve a bit of mud however I didn’t think Nanny would mind. She should keep it somewhere safe as that pawtograph may be worth a lot of money in the future…

Dachshund Birthday Card

I bought her some nice flowers and sent her a text from Mum’s phone (don’t tell Mum as photo messages are more expensive)

Dog Flowers

It was then time to wrap Nanny’s presents and I was very carful using the scissors to cut the paper, even if I did stick my paws together with the sellotape


Dachshund Gifts

It was soon time to deliver Nanny’s presents to her and to give her a big hug and a sloppy lick! I waited outside her front door with a birthday balloon to surprise her (Mum said I had to be careful not to give Nanny a heart attack!)

Dachshund Balloon

I was SO excited about Nanny’s birthday presents as I had specially chosen them for her, so much so that I HAD to help her unwrap them myself!

Sausage Dog Wrapping Paper

Sausage Dog Wrapping Paper

Mum said I looked like a cross between a beaver and bugs bunny!

Dachshund Wrapping Paper

I obviously had to be dressed up as ‘birthday dog’ and wear the biggest bow and all of the wrapping paper (blame Dad, he thought it was funny)

Dachshund Paper

Dog Wrapper

When Nanny FINALLY opened her presents, I was so pleased she liked them! Harvey and I had decided a few weeks ago that Nanny needed some nice new wellies for when she walks us, this included some cosy welly socks so her toes don’t get too cold (I’ve heard frostbite is not very nice) and a smart welly bag.

Dog Walking Wellies

Dachshund Wellie Boot Bag

It also appears that a welly boot bag is the perfect size for a sausage dog. This may solve the issue of having a sausage sleepover, I can just tell Mum my buddies can come and stay as they’ll be zipped in their sleeping bags.

Dachshund Wellies

But I was pretty tired after all the excitement of chocolate cake, balloons, wrapping paper and wellies, so a nap was required so I did it dachshund style and burrowed under some wrapping paper, cosy!

Dachshund Wrapping Paper

I took Nanny for a walk today to christen her new wellies, I think she likes them!

Dach’s all for now!

Jeffrey x

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