Happy Birthday Nanny!

Today is the second most important lady in my life’s birthday and I can’t believe it’s been a year already since we bought my Nanny her posh Joules wellies!! A big sausagey birthday to my Nanny!

Dachshund Birthday

I took a stroll to my local florist this morning to choose some colourful flowers to take Nanny…

Dachshund Birthday Present

Soon it was time to help Nanny open her presents and cards, well every Nanny needs a sausage Grandson to ‘help’ open presents…

Dachshund Wrapping Paper

Sausage Dog Wrapping Paper

I realised that there seemed to be a trend in Nanny’s cards, it seems that now she has a sausage of her own, she’s receiving dachshund themed items just like my Mum…

Dachshund Birthday Card

Nanny got an iPad for her birthday which means she can keep up with my blog ALL the time and FaceTime me when she’s missing my wirey face. Of course, the best present she had was kisses and cuddles from me!


It was soon time for dinner and it seemed Nanny was having a special fondu for her birthday meal. I wasn’t too sure what this was, Mum explained to me you cooked your own meat on a long fork in some very hot oil. This seemed confusing – No. 1 Why would Nanny want to cook her own dinner on her birthday? And No. 2 Why bother cooking the meat when it tastes just as good raw? Surely this would mean we could get to the cake eating part quicker? Each to their own…

Dachshund Cooking

Dachshund Raw Food

We’ve all had a nice time and just hope my Nanny did too! She tells me it’s her 35th birthday, she looks pretty good on it for a Nanny!

Dach’s all for now!

Jeffrey x


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