Happy 4th Birthday To Me!

So how is it I’ve reached the grand old age of 4 years old already?! I know, shocking!! Yesterday was my 4th birthday and in true Sausage Tails style, I celebrated with my best poochie pals and ate cake!

I’ve had some good birthdays so far, if you fancy catching up on them and seeing just how cute I looked before I became this rugged and handsome, you can do:

My first birthday bash (I was a very hot dog indeed!!) HERE

Second Birthday celebrations where I had my very own personalised pupcake HERE

My third birthday was when I started to notice my adult-looks kicking in HERE

Dachshund Party Hat

We chucked on our party hats, you know how much little Alan LOVES a hat!

Dachshund Party Hat

And frolicked in the garden playing appropriate party games, like splat the squirrel, hunt the bonio and our favourite, pin the tail on the Rodney… Sausage Dog Party Hat

Sausage Dog Hat

Sausage Dog Party Hat

Somebody needs to hit man-hood and grow a beard me thinks….

Sausage Dog Hat

As we’re staying at Nanny & Grandad’s this week whilst Mum & dad are away, Nanny very kindly baked me a special birthday cake! She said Rodney helped but my idea of ‘helping’ doesn’t consist of the cream cheese icing being licked off before the birthday boy even see’s the cake!!

Sausage Dog Cake

Sausage Dog Cake

I took the taste test, seeing as it was my birthday after all, and could confirm that as I thought, it tasted delicious however it’s better to be safe than sorry so I had another ‘little’ taste…

Dachshund Cake

It wasn’t long before we soon devoured my cake, between Alan & I, Rodney & The H’s, Nanny said it was like watching piranhas take on a small cow, well what can I say, we’re hounds!!

But this does come at a cost, some of us may have got a ‘bit’ of cake in our wirey beards so a full beard wash was in order…

Dachshund Birthday

Dachshund Birthday

Well that’s one way to end your birthday!

Sausage Dog Birthday


Dach’s all for now – off to get my beard wax…

Jeffrey x

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  • Finn and Tildy
    July 3, 2016

    You naughty beardy boys and Alan you are so adorable

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