Happy 2nd Birthday Alan!

How has another year passed by already? Our little chocolate boy turns 2 years old today! I know I’m biased as he is my brother-from-another-mother but he has grown into one houndsome dude!






As usual, we donned our party hats and celebrated with the little guy, there’s nothing cuter than a sausage dog in a party hat I say!

Sausage Dog Party Hat

I baked a special birthday cake yesterday, which you can see HERE. I let Alan have first taste even though I may have had a little nibble myself when it was warm out of the oven, well it’s a chef’s prerogative…

Sausage Dog Birthday Cake

Sausage Dog Birthday Cake

We waited whilst Mum cut the cake & dished it out, making sure we all had an equal share, I tried to use my puppy dog eyes to guilt her into giving me an extra bit but it seems she’s wised up to that. However Rodney had a good go…

Dachshund Birthday Cake

Whilst the rest of us waited patiently, it just smelt SO good!

Schnauzer Dachshund

Dachshund Birthday

As soon as our bowls hit the floor we were straight in, all thoughts of keeping my beard clean went out the window!!

Sausage Dog Cake

Sausage Dog Cake

Some of us threw caution to the wind when it came to the cream cheese topping…

Chocolate Dachshund

Alan then got to open his presents, with a little help from myself & Rodney, amongst his presents was a smart collar & lead set that I chose for him from Walk Me This Way and lots of yummy treats from Nanny, lucky boy! Nanny also bought him a squeaky chipmunk toy however Mum hid it as we wouldn’t stop squeaking it, what can I say, we’re hounds!

Sausage Dog Gifts

Happy Birthday Alan, I hope you’ve had a nice day celebrating!

Dach’s all for now – off to rinse out my beard…

Jeffrey x


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