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It’s Friday and this week has flown by! Autumn is officially here and Alan has had to sport his Equafleece most mornings this week whilst we run around in the leaves chasing squirrels – fun times! This weekend our Auntie Tahli & Uncle Nigel, who are our pal’s Lenny’s Mum & Dad, are tying the knot and getting married on Saturday! My Nanny has volunteered to take Lenny to the venue for photos so I’ll lend him some suitable wedding attire, one of my trusty bow ties, and give him a few pointers on how to pose for the camera and to sweet talk the bridesmaids, everyone loves a sausage dog at a wedding!

This weeks Fridays Furry Friend is what my Mum calls a Jeff-a-like, she thinks that Nelly looks just like me and if she means a rather good looking wirey sausage, then she’s right! It seems Nelly has the same problem with her bother as I do with Alan, these siblings are just rubbish posing for the camera and are letting the side down! However Nelly & Tim’s Auntie Mick seems to have done a very good job with this photo, Nelly looks cute and Tim looks like a wise man who has lots of tales to tell!

Dear Jeffrey,
We hope that you are well.
Last Saturday – while our mum and dad enjoyed an evening out in London – our nutty auntie Mick stayed with us to keep us company and make sure that we don’t get lonely. (We like having her around and secretly call her our slave as she spoils us rotten and allows us to boss her around; we think she prefers it this way….)
She is a bit camera obsessed and to get her off our backs and stop her from following us around with her iPhone camera, I decided to finally give in and do a bit of a pose for her. (hence my ‘bathing beauty’ pose on the left on our fave new blanket!) My silly brother Tim hates the camera and tends to look the other way or pretends that he is sleeping… But auntie Mick – clever as she is – decided to call out ‘din dins’, promptly getting my bro’s attention and allowing her to take the perfect shot. Unfortunately, Timmy is not the brightest and totally forgot that he just had his din dins an hour ago and that she was just tricking him. Oh well, he is very handsome, unfortunately just not the smartest….but we love him to bits!
We hope that you had a good week and have a good lie-in this weekend. Timmy and I most certainly look forward to snuggles with mum and dad in bed and nice long walks in the park.
Big hugs and kisses from London
Nelly (and my silly brother Tim!)

Nelly & Tim

Nelly & Tim

Dach’s all for now – happy wedding day Tahli & Nigel!

Jeffrey x

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  • Finn and Tildy
    October 24, 2015

    What a pair of lovely naughty wiry sausages ?

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