Fridays Furry Friend

So have you all had a lovely week? Alan & I had a busy weekend last week, we went for a stroll in the bluebell woods local to us with our pal Lenny, had a catch up , chased some squirrels & took some photos whilst we posed amongst the pretty flowers, blue does suit me!

Dachshund Bluebells

Then we had to ship Mum off to her surprise baby shower! Nanny had told us a little while back but we had to keep quiet and not bark and tell her all about it! Well we managed to keep the secret and she had a lovely afternoon tea with all her friends. It seemed my Auntie Shelley had been a busy bee and the baby shower even had a suitable theme…

Dachshund Baby Shower

This weeks Fridays Furry Friend is Gimli the Spaniel! It sounds like he has a lovely life in Devon with his family and seems to have very similar interests to me, sleeping & eating! I can also relate to Gimli as he’s recently been diagnosed with arthritis, I have bad knees so I know about taking life a bit easier, just rest up on the sofa Gimli!

Hi Jeffrey,
I was wondering whether you would consider me to be your Friday Furry Friend ? My Mum and Dad reckon their is no’one furrier than me !! My name s Gimli (my Mum is a bit of a Lord of The Rings fan !!) and I will be 12 in August! I live in Devon with my half brother Ronnie and nephew (well, he’s not really my nephew, he’s a Springer Spaniel) Jack!  My favourite things are sleeping (on the sofa or my Humans bed, I’m not fussy!), eating, and sleeping! (It’s quite an exciting life I lead!). I have just been diagnosed with arthritis, so am having to take things quite a bit easier!
Thank you for reading,
Gimli x


Gimli Spaniel


Dach’s all for now – off to bag myself a space on the sofa…

Jeffrey x


Don’t forget, if you too would like to be my Fridays Furry Friend, email a photo and a bit about yourself to

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  • Finn
    May 12, 2017

    Take care Gimli. I love his hair. He looks like a rock star.
    Hope you and the boys have a lovely weekend Jeffrey. You take care of yourself and your knees as well.

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