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Well hello everyone! Happy Friday! How has your week been? I expect a lot of you have felt the effects of Storm Doris raging this week, lets just say it’s not good weather to venture out in when you sport a beard AND eyebrows = 0% vision. It’s a good job I have my hound nose to guide me or I’d never find those bird poops to roll in on the lawn!!

Most of you probably read our announcement blog post last Sunday, we shared our exciting news that Mum & Dad are expecting a new addition to the Sausage Tails family! Baby is due end of June and we are all very excited, I just can’t wait to teach the small human to throw me tit-bits from their highchair! If you missed that post you can catch up HERE

Dog & Baby Bump

This weeks Furry Friend is Serenade, Sera for short. According to her Mum, Sera get lots of funny looks where she lives in Indiana as they are not used to us sausage dogs sporting a beard, maybe this is the year us wires should make a stand that we are not ‘crossed with any thing else’ and indeed proper sausages dogs!!! Ok, sorry, rant over! I’ll pass you over to Alexis to tell you all about Sera…

Hello Jeffrey!
I am so glad to have found your delightful Facebook page.  You and Alan have the best adventures.  And congratulations on your human sibling-on-the-way!  How very exciting for you and the other pups.
Please allow me to submit to you photos of my wire-haired mini dachshund, Serenade (whom we call “Sera”).  Sera is a Hoosier doggy (meaning she lives in Indiana), and she gets lots of funny looks from people who see her beard because wire-haired dachshunds are not very common in our part of the U.S.  Her favorite things are snuggling in the heated blanket in the winter, and chasing bunnies in the sunshine in the summer.  She has yet to catch a bunny, thank goodness, but she still tries, even though she’s about to turn ten years old.  We call Sera our “diva dachshund” because she sighs dramatically whenever she doesn’t like something.  If we stay up too late she will sigh, glare at us with the utmost disdain, and then put herself to bed without us.  Despite her attitude, she’s still a good girl.
Best wishes,




Dach’s all for now – don’t get blown away by Doris!

Jeffrey x

Don’t forget, if you too would like to be my Fridays Furry Friend, email a photo and a bit about yourself to

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  • Finn
    February 25, 2017

    Sera is soooo cute and such a lovely colour.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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