A Sausage Sunday

It’s Sunday so it means we’ve been chilling out, Mum & Dad are off on honeymoon on Friday so it was the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together.  Today started with a snoozy start, we had a cosy lay in whilst watching Sunday morning TV, bliss…

Dachshund Duvet

Sausage Dog Duvet

Sausage Dog Duvet Cover

After a cup of tea and breakfast, we donned our fleeces as it was soon time to head off to the park to meet our friends for a Sunday morning stroll…

Dachshund Equafleece

After a couple of laps of the park where I checked out a fluffy shih tzu and Alan barked at the labradors, it was time to retire to the cafe for a coffee, I do like a latte.

Jeffrey Dachshund

Rodney was eyeing up Nanny’s cappuccino, his nose is so long we had to move it way over to the other side of the table. I love that long buddy of mine!

Dachshund Coffee

Standard Wire Dachsund

Here’s my buddy Billy Whizz having a cuddle with his Dad, he’s such a cool dude.

Wire Dachshund

And his much older sister who Alan seems to like. A lot. So much though that he tried to hump her in the middle of the cafe. Not cool Alan, not cool.

Wire Dachshund

All this socialising was bit much for Rodney so he had a little nap before we set off for home, he’s a bit of trip hazard I think?

Dachshund Equafleece

We said farewell to our friends and walked home, we were two pooped sausages so we had a little afternoon kip, I bagged the comfy bed…

Dachshund Bed

Smooth Chocolate Dachshund

This evening we went to Auntie Shelley’s for roast dinner, my favourite! She even put it down to my level so I could see and sniff it even closer. I didn’t lick it, well that’s what I tell her anyway…
Dog Pork

Dog Roast Dinner

After our yummy dinner I retired to my cousins tent for an evening snooze after a very nice day, chilling can be very tiring for a sausage…

Dog Tent


Dach’s all for now – I hope you all had a great weekend!

Jeffrey x

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