A Sausage Sunday

It’s been a relaxed weekend here, the weather has been glorious – the best weather we’ve had yet this year! We went to see a few sausage’s yesterday at Sunsong Dachshund’s and had a lovely walk with them – I finally met some standard wirehair’s which Mum said made me look like a pup again! There are no photos to view as my Mum official photographer didn’t have her camera!!

I had a lay-in this morning, yes I was burrowed underneath the covers and yes my orange bum does match the duvet.

Dachshund Orange Bum

Followed by breakfast and a latte

Dachshund Mug

Mum popped out for a few bits and came back with a box for me, she say’s it’s for my biscuits but I’m not so convinced she’s not going to make me use it as a bed…

Dachshund Box

She also bought me some nice posh food to try, it sure smelt good from the outside!

Lily's Kitchen

Dachshund Lily's Kitchen

I then did a bit of filing, you know, receipts and stuff for my purchases, invoices to send out for guest appearances and such like. It’s Sunday so my admin staff were off.

Dachshund Folder

We then met up with my buddie Archie for a walk in the woods and my groupies friends Harvey and Hattie came for a run. We like the woods as everything smells so good and there’s a lot of brown crispy leaves to run through and burrow in, even if I do get them stuck in my beard.

Sausage Dog Walk

Sausage Dog Walks

Dogs in Woods

Dachshund Walk in Woods

Dachshund in Woods

We then came across a massive round thing that Mum said was a bale of straw that the farmer had made. Well of course I wanted to investigate closer and it felt like I was on top of the world!

Dog On Bale

After saying farewell to my friends it was time for Sunday afternoon nap so chipmunk and I decided to have a little snuggle together.

Sausage Dog Print Bed

Dachshund Print Bed

And of course the best Sunday’s are topped off with a roast dinner, it was off to Auntie Shelley’s who, I have to say, cooks the best roast pork! Mmmmmm, crackling…

Dog Roast DInner

I hope you have all had nice sausage filled weekends!

Dach’s all for now!

Jeffrey x

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