Sausage Sum Up


A Wiener Trim (literally) – Nanny & Mum decided I needed a bit of a trim to look a bit smarter. Ladies, if you want to see a dachshund Chippendale then this is the blog for you…

Dachshund Hair Trim

Look What I’ve Sniffed Out – Dad found this lovely doorstop in Homebase.

Sausage Dog Doorstop

Jeffrey on Mutts & Hounds – I did some modelling for Mutts & Hounds and have made it onto their website! Check out this blog to see all the rather stunning (if I do say so myself) photos of me modelling some really lovely items.

Mutts & Hounds Dachshund Bed

Lending a Helping Paw – I helped Dad build our new garden shed, I’m pretty handy with a power drill.

Dachshund Climbing

Look What I’ve Sniffed Out – Mum & I have FINALLY found some homeware that has the unique silhouette of the wirehaired dachshund on!

Wirehaired Dachshund Homeware

All Aboard… – I tested out this trike, thought it would come in handy when I pick the ladies up for our date…

Dachshund Bike

Wicker Wiener – Nanny spoilt us by finding this amazing wicker lady sausage to make our garden look pretty.

Sausage Dog Flowerpot

August in Pictures

Dachshund Cushion

Hear Doggy Toy

Dachshund Office

Dachshund Sleeping

Dachshund Wine

Dachshund Sunshine

Dog Walks Marlow

Dog Walks Marlow

Dachshund Rugby

Dachshund Kindle Book

Dachshund Basket

Dog Caterpiller

Dachshund Print Bed

Dach’s all for now – here’s to September…

Jeffrey x

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