Pup Up Cafe

When Rodney & I heard that there was a Dachshund Pup Up cafe coming near to us we knew we would be there will bells on – it sounded totally our cup of tea, especially when we heard there would be puppuccinos being served!!

As soon as we arrived we knew it was like a homecoming – jars of treats everywhere, party hats & of course lots of people to give us a fuss! It wasn’t long before I left poor Rodney behind & went off for a sniff and to find some fellow sausages.

I mean, they even had a ball pit – my best pal Archie would have been in his element!

I particularly loved the party hats that were scattered around, I mean, who doesn’t love a sausage in a party hat?!

It was lovely to see SO many dachshunds in one room, especially wires as we are normally the minority at any kind of meet up. But not today, I got to see so many of my fellow rough haired dudes. Nanny made friends with one particularly cute pup called Frank, I’m not too sure how Rodders felt about that…

But it wasn’t long before Nanny showed Rodney he was her No.1 sausage by giving him a big cuddle! I think he may have responded with a rather slobbery kiss…

*photo courtesy of The Pup Up Cafe

We met some really cool dachshunds, some sporting rather smart attire for the meet (eat your heart out Peaky Blinders) and someone even bought their pal along for the ride!

Soon Rodney was getting a little hungry & started, shall we say, ‘exploring’! Well Mum did say they shouldn’t have put coffee tables at dachshund level, I mean that never happens & there’s probably a reason why!!

I was looking forward to my much awaited puppuccino so much!

They tasted delicious but a I think we should have ordered an extra large cup for the certain sausage with the big schnoz…

After licking our beards clean, we thought it would be nice to have one of the pro’s take a photo of us on the rather comfy look chaise lounge, however Rodders got a little over excited & tried to jump the queue…

After such an exciting morning it was time to have a rest, well they didn’t put sofas there to look at did they!

And I obviously needed one more photo before we left, doing it for the ‘gram’, obviously…

It was such a good morning out and we would highly recommend it to anyone! If you fancy some more information head over to the Pup Up Cafe’s Facebook page HERE

Dach’s all for now – off to reminisce about that puppuccino…

Jeffrey x

P.S If anyone local to me fancies a local sausage walk or meet up, our Facebook page HERE will keep you up to date.

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  • Curt Meiring
    September 29, 2019

    Looks like it was a glorious day boys. Good to see you Rodders.

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