Nineteen 87 Food – Review

When asked to review food I always think it through carefully, a celebrity sausage needs to watch his weight!! However, for the good of my readers (and my taste buds) when dog food brand Nineteen 87 asked if I would like to review some of their food, I said yes. You know, just for you guys…

In the post arrived a box full of goodies! 

Which smelt pretty good to both myself & my snorkel-nosed brother Alan…

We were sent some Welsh chicken food to try along with some goat baked bars and duck baked bites, what a combination of delicious flavours!

Nineteen 87 dog food beleive ‘baked is best’ and say that ‘Because baking our dog food is better for the ingredients and better for your dog. The baking locks in more of the ingredients flavours and goodness. Meaning your best friend gets a filling, delicious and wholesome meal every time.’

Their food is grain free so perfect for dogs that are a bit more sensitive, food that is natural & free of wheat, maize, barley, oats, meat meal or has no added flavourings. Every meal contains at least 50% chicken, lamb, beef or salmon all sourced within the UK. Carbohydrates, vegetables, botanical vitamins & minerals are added – and nothing else!

The Nineteen 87 food comes in 4 flavours – Welsh Chicken, British Beef, Welsh Lamb and Scottish Salmon and comes in a 1.5kg box or 7.5kg bag, we can confirm that the chicken food that we were sent tastes pretty good! 

Every box also comes with a handy leaflet that explains the method that is used to make Nineteen 87 food and also what goes into it.

We were also sent some treats, the Baked Bars in goat with banana & sweet potato sounded particularly interesting! These look perfect for on the go, if you were going out for the day and needed to take a handy snack out for your pooch, I think these would be ideal.

We also trialed the Baked Bites in duck with raspberry & rosemary flavour. These were a huge hit, very tasty and came in a resealable bag to keep any leftovers fresh, not that there were many left in our case…


If you too would like to try the Nineteen 87 dog food & treats, then head over to their page HERE, your pooch will love you for it!

Dach’s all for now – off to see where Mum has stashed that Baked Bar…

Jeffrey x


*Please note – this product was sent to us by the company to review however all opinions expressed in this blog are my own

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  • Karen Sadler
    November 19, 2018

    Really enjoy your posts! doggie snack bars for on the go – great idea! Keep up the good work… Karen hoomum to Mungo (STD wirehaired dachie)

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