Look What I’ve Sniffed Out…


Accessorize Dog Socks

Seriously, do sock designers have a penchant to put our long sausage bodies on socks or something? Or do all sock designers have a sausage dog? Whatever, my Mum just had to HAVE these. Not only one pair but of course they were on offer so we have 3 pairs. You’d think one pair each but no, all for Mum.

Sausage Dog Socks

They are quite girly so I’m quite glad Mum didn’t gift me a pair as I’m quite macho, they have what I call a ‘girly’ sausage on them, front…

Dachshund Socks

And bottoms on the back…

Sausage Dog Socks

Accessorize Sausage Dog Socks

However I did have to model them for Mum to show how the sausages meet when you wear the socks, however only having little legs it didn’t work so well…

Dog Socks

You too can get these pretty sausage dog socks from Accessorize in store or online HERE


Dach’s all for now!

Jeffrey x


P.S No Fridays Furry Friend this week as we are preparing for Mum & Dad’s big day on Saturday!



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