Helpful Hound

I may have found a new job as a home-maker. I’m a good sausage son and spent yesterday helping Mum out with the housework as she had to work in the morning (boooo!).

First of all I helped Dad out with his work because Mum wasn’t there, you can see from the following photo that I am willing and ready to help Dad out with his tricky web design work – well someone has to keep his lap warm.

Dachshund Sleeping

Then I set-to with changing the bed sheets. I started with stripping all the sheets and taking the duvet cover off, I then had a bounce around and a burrow in the duvet to check that it was aired and bouncy.

Dachshund in Bed

New sheets were put on the bed so I smoothed them out with my big sausage paws.

Dachshund BedOnce the bed was fully made it was then time for me to check that all was correct, pillow cases were straight, cushions symmetrical, blanket at the right angle – an important task so no sleeping on the job for me!

Dachshund Bed

Sausage Dog Bed

Mum then arrived home from work with the weeks food shopping, so being the good boy that I am, I helped her to pop it all away, I even managed not to crush the crisps and bread! (But I did have a quick nibble on the corner of the cheese).

Dachshund Bag

After a brief stop for lunch (a bonio for me) it was time to help Mum clean her rats out. I am very good at this, I help Mum to remove all the tubes and beds and I’m very good a spreading the clean bedding out in the bottom of their cage, even if it does get stuck in my beard (I have to make sacrifices).

Dachshund Rat

I then check each ratty girl as Mum pops them back in their clean cage, I do this by giving them a sniff and a lick. I’m still deciding whether they might be edible or not…….

Dachshund & Rat

After the rats were put back in their home, it was time for Mum to hoover the carpet whilst I did a bit of dusting, cleaning thoroughly all the nooks and crannies. I do use my beard for some things and my tail is pretty good at using to poke into small, dusty holes.

Dachshund Cleaning

After all this house work and helping Mum out it was time for a nap, even super-son sausage dogs need to re-charge their batteries!

Dachshund Sleeping

How do you all help your Mums out?

Dach’s all for now!

Jeffrey x

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